The quieting of a Mitsubishi

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  1. Warner

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    I have a lot of ideas....some from Beast775 who did a great job quieting his Mitsubishi down. The method involved adding a second muffler to the system. I'm not yet sure how I will connect to the existing muffler stub, but if I'm not mistaken a 3/8" copper elbow is a pretty good fit. I'm thinking about brazing this on....but not sure yet. From that, I will somehow attach a somewhat flexible hose (to limit the vibration transferred back to the muffler mounting point) that runs to a secondary muffler of same nature - to be determined, but I'll use a pre-made one from the RC world since they are already designed and available. I spoke with a real nice guy at a company called hosexpress who couldn't have been more helpful. I told him up front that I didn't want to waste his time for something so small potatos and he said, "No problem, just let me know how I can help you out". I explained that I may only want to buy a FOOT of whatever hose he reccommended, and he said, "That's fine, we can mail it right out to you" and even went on to suggest that I have some female threads on each end of the hose so that I could easily replace it it the need ever arose. Great guy, a pleasure to talk to, and he will for SURE be getting my business. He reccommended using the stainless hose as it is good up to its melting point, which is WAY hotter than it will EVER get on the end of my muffler. Now I just have to design the system! Haha.. But if anyone is looking for some GREAT tech support from a company that has already been very helpful to me, here's a link to the product that he reccommended:

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  2. loquin

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    Good stuff. I had tried the hi temp silicone 'muffler' tubing from Daves Motors, and my Mitsubishi was too hot for it. Over the course of several weeks, it gradually charred from the inside out, and eventually failed.
  3. kerf

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    Guys, I'm not trying to rain on your parade, I know the allure of "making it better", God help me I know but you got about the quietest engine on the market. I gave my Mits to my wife and got the R460, it runs great but my favorite word now is "huh".
  4. Warner

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    Hahaha. Well, I got what I got and like you said I'm trying to make it a little better.....quieter. Hehehe.....


    PS - At least your wife can hear YOU. Wait a can't hear her and she CAN hear YOU! Maybe you're onto something after all! :)
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    I like the sound of my mits. It sounds like a little dirt bike when I'm shifting away with my NuVinci only not loud to the point of irritation or permanent ear damage. The only way I would alter it is if I were to get a whole tuned pipe that shot the exhaust out the back of my bike rather than the side but even then I would be hesitant since the engine is such a compact package already.
    This thing literally gets drowned out by the wind noise blowing past my ears when I'm up to speed so the only reason to muffle it further is for "stealth" reasons.
  6. Warner

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    Absolutely. It's not obnoxious at all...I just wanted a little more stealth....but the Mitsu is real quiet. I realized just HOW quiet it is when I used my weed wacker last weekend and that sucker is LOUD in comparison...and it's supposed to be a pretty quiet one.

  7. kerf

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    Secondary mufflers are helpful but a pain to build. I have a advantage over you Mits guys, in that my R460 has the exhaust outlet on the bottom, making secondary hook easier. My straight through glass pack has made it much quieter at low engine loading, but it still growls when under load @ WOT. I just finished welding a new muffler using a large expansion chamber and a baffle tube. As soon as it cools I'll try it out. Sometimes this is a nightmare, woke up at 4 AM thinking about this thing, I think it's evil and has possessed me. Maybe an exorcism is the only way out, don't know if I should call a priest or a mechanic.
  8. Warner

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    Hahaha...I know EXACTLY what you mean about waking up or not being able to sleep because you have something on your mind and you want to fix it NOW. Haha. That's funny. I thought I was the only freak like that. Actually, my secondary muffler setup was simple to BUILD, it was the PLANNING part that's tougher. I have less than $30 into mine, and it would be a lot less than that even if I didn't use copper for it. My system isn't even permanently attached to the existing's just slid over the top of the muffler stub and then the single hose clamp that holds the muffler up keeps it all in position. If I ever decided I didn't want it, it's just one hose clamp away from being gone. I could give someone a very detailed parts list if they wanted to duplicate mine. The difference is that I built my rear rack for my panniers (saddlebags....I still can't get used to "pannier") which gave me a place to clamp the muffler to....

  9. B.K. Hosken

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    Which Mitsubishi motor is this? I am looking for my second bike motor, and I really want it to be quiet.
  10. Warner

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    It's the TLE 43

  11. loquin

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    The TLE43 is almost as quiet as a 4-stroke (Honda GX35 for instance)
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    I installed an ADA-1 tuned pipe on my Mits TLE 43 engine. It's quieter than stock, especially since the muffler/silencer faces the rear. The pipe has that tinny sound that old V-8's have.

    And of course, it's a lot more powerful at the high end.