:(/:) the races are called off....BUT>........

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how long of a track?

  1. 10 ft.

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  2. 20 ft.

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  3. 25 ft.

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  1. who_am_i_again?

    who_am_i_again? New Member

    the bike pull is still on!!!(not the races though!)the cops told me "races....no,the pulling competition........shure,why not.....? but,we gots to listen to the heat to avoid them later on!

    make your vote on how long the pulling course should be!

    (still no set date,but,prolly some time around june/july)

    MBC EDIT: old thread moved to trash bin.. polls reset good luck...
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  2. KiDD

    KiDD Member

    Like a tractor pull?
  3. who_am_i_again?

    who_am_i_again? New Member

    yes...but w/bikes :)!
  4. What contraption can emulate a tractor trailer pull device on pavement without tearing the pavement up?
  5. sparky

    sparky Active Member

    bricks & other weights?
  6. KiDD

    KiDD Member

    I love tractor pulls... those extreme machine they build in the unlimited class is ridiculous .

    To do something like that on a bicycle you would want to do it on dirt and make some sort of a sled to pull.

    Large Filipino I think he wants to do more of a tug of war between two bikes, which means whoever has it geared lower will destroy the other bike right?
  7. Ooh. I see burnt clutches. I mean who would sign up for that?
    I'm sure something can be arranged as far as a parking lot and a closed course race.
    Out here once a year we got the stock show in Denver. We used to get free tickets to the horse pull event. Can someone say boring? I mean they couldn't give away the tickets and still only filled 25% of the seats. The rodeo was where it was at.
    Like with Mororedbikes. I would think people would want to see a RACE.
    Get with your city and see about making this a downtown weekend yearly event or something. Maybe get some type of local TV coverage bringing people to the sport. You can maybe have it in a closed park,bring the flea market vendors out there,sponsors. Tell your city it will boost the economy or something.
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  8. SirJakesus

    SirJakesus Guest

    Never mind the clutch I see spokes and wheels collapsing! If somebody really low gears their HT setup and pedals like heck pulling weight they better have STONG WHEELS... maybe give you some ideas for bulletproofing your ride and that evil back wheel.
  9. KiDD

    KiDD Member

    I see a good opportunity for someone to make money fixing all these bikes as they break
  10. who_am_i_again?

    who_am_i_again? New Member

    i was looking to get someone to sit in a trailer w/ brakes and slowly apply the brakes along the set length

    "Ooh. I see burnt clutches. I mean who would sign up for that?-large fillipino"

    o.0 never thought of that!
    and,solid wheels(of alluminum) would prolly be best,huh?
  11. who_am_i_again?

    who_am_i_again? New Member

    well....we dont ...exactly...have a downtown.lol...i was thinkin of using my friends 2 acre field,but it has been raining a LOT lately.....so...