The real identity of Mr. "he with us" BHO

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    Obama means "he with us" in an african language, from what I have learned. Possibly a mimic of Emanuel (God with us) - a title of Jesus.

    Punch in Obama Malcolmx on Youtube and you can find a video done by a black guy (who expressed love for X) trying to get around O's blanked out history. He does a pictorial comparison to O and X. The similarity between O and X is striking. His supposed father looks nothing like him,

    Remember that it was thought that Jesus was the son of Joseph, but he was not.
    It is thought that O is the son of Obama. He is not. Jesus acted like His father. O is acting like his real father. X made the statement that he wanted to take over (govt) from WITHIN and not with guns and bullets. When O wrote his second book "Dreams of my father" I wonder just WHO was in O's mind when he penned it.

    Another Youtube video asks "Did Jesus give us the name of the Antichrist"? Showing the meanings of Bama and Barak (or Barack) in the statement of Jesus, where He said, "I saw Satan as lightning from heaven".

    The prophecy of the Messiah being born in Bethelem of Judea and being called out of Egypt was a stumbling block to the leaders confronting Jesus.
    He was born in the east, sent to Egypt, came back again to His homeland.

    O was born in Kenya, went to the Egypt of today (the US) and will go east again when he becomes world leader.

    The parallels between Hitler and O are striking.
    Both wrote books about themselves when no one knew them ( O was given a grant to write on race relations and the book came out as his autobiography). Both came from broken homes, both extreme narsistists.

    The Antichrist is spoken of in the Bible as, proud, boastful, a mouth speaking great things, seeking to CHANGE times, opposing all that is of God.

    There is a lot more.

    If this guy receives a mortal head wound which he recovers miraculously (the exact biblical prophetic phrase), you can KNOW precisely who he is.

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