The REAL meaning of Memorial Day - Click it or TICKET

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    For many towns across the country, Memorial Day Weekend is not to reflect on our fallen heroes, or celebrate the freedom they fought for. Memorial Day Weekend is the start of your government telling you to to do something for your own darn good - OR ELSE! Otherwise known as "Click it or Ticket". It is a way for your public servants (the police) to pull people over and ticket them for nothing more than a failure to wear a seatbelt. I don't know what this years federal allocation was, but in the past it has been around 500 million dollars. This money is allocated for TV/radio advertising and cash to your local police to write seat belt tickets - which oddly enough, also bring cash to the cops. You would think that the government would have gotten rid of this waste of money, considering that they think that we are in the worst economic crisis since the great depression. I think that we could have saved the millions in tax dollars to axe the program altogether.

    I know that there are libs out there that like these types of programs because they think that people who don't buckle will drive up insurance rates or some other nonsense. Bottom line is that if it doesn't endanger others (and it doesn't), then someone should be free to make their own choice. My governor has hit the pinnacle of hypocracy when he got majorly scewed up by not wearing his seatbelt when his gas sucking SUV (more govt hypocracy) got in an accident a couple of years ago. Cops should be looking for erratic driving (a tipoff for DUI), and not peering into cars with night vision equipment to issue a ticket for not wearing a seatbelt.

    What say you? :thinking: :grin5: :ack2:
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    I'm about as liberal as they get and I don't approve of this sort of thing at all.

    This really isn't some conspiracy by the "libs" to "get their nose into everything you do".

    It's law enforcement chickening out of their legitimate duties and pretending to do something useful. And make a few bucks out of it, for good measure.
  3. machiasmort

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    Whats up? Get a clicket, I mean ticket???LOL

    Glad somebody else see's this for exactly what it is. It's an oppertunity to:

    A) Justify pulling everbody over on the road
    B) Bring Law Enforcment to small town America
    C) Get that beak into your car to sniff arround. Just watch 'em next time. It's like they inject Canine cells into their snouts at the academy. Cover your seat cover!
  4. SimpleSimon

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    Folks, it is called acclimatization to authority.

    It's a well rehearsed and very effective tool for establishing an habitual response set in the general public whereby they submit quietly and willingly to ever more drastic restrictions upon their personal freedoms.

    The most glaring example of it is in our airports, with ever more intrusive searches, seizure without due process or compensation of personal goods on whim of any person in authority. Add in "persons of risk" lists, and "Do not fly" lists, and in effect government agents, without due process, opportunity to confront the "evidence" against you, or appeal an order issued by dictatorial fiat are restricting the constitutional right to freedom of movement of citizens. Not because they have legitimate security concerns, but because they can, and by doing so they insure a greater degree of submission in future.

    These are classic police state tactics. They are tried, refined, and proven over many, many years of application in many differing social milieus. Try driving the interstate highways in our southern border states - it is a virtual certainty that you will encounter warrantless road blocks, vehicle searches, and government agents demanding to know your business on the road.

    On my most recent such road trip, from Shreveport to Portland, Oregon via Raton, NM; Denver, CO; Cheyenne, WY; SLC, UT; Boise, ID and so on - all major highways well interior to the continental US, I was stopped three times for warrantless searches and intrusive questions.

    On my return to Shreveport, I took a very roundabout, circuitous route through 5 national parks (Glacier, Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, Black Canyon of the Gunnison, and Mesa Verde), several national recreation areas, and various scenic drives. My trip up to Oregon I did alone in three days. My return trip I did alone, and took eleven days, cruising mostly state highways.

    On that return trip I was stopped 6 times at various "drunk driving checkpoints", INS checkpoints, and in southern Colorado by a Dept of Homeland Security checkpoint. That one was interesting - I was there 9 hours, adamantly refusing to open my trunk or allow them to search my car without a search warrant stating their probable cause to believe that illegal materials would be found, what they believed those materials might be, etc. I got the names and badge numbers of 7 officers there. I notated make, model, color, description, and license numbers of their vehicles, and called that information to a friend well away from there via cell phone. They weren't best pleased, but by the time I hit that gestapo checkpoint complete with black uniformed stormtroopers, I was pretty fed up.

    In the end, the Colorado State Patrol captain there as part of the whole fiasco listened to me, agreed that it was apparent that DHS was not going to produce a search warrant, and intervened on my behalf to get me released. He did so only after I checked my blood sugar, had to inject myself with insulin, and persuaded him to check on NCIC that no one anywhere had any wants or warrants out for me. Between Wolf Creek Pass and shreveport across Colorado, Oklahoma, and north east Texas I counted 31 different police vehicles following me long enough to run a vehicle ID check before I got home. I logged place and time for each of them.

    I'm a private citizen going about my lawful affairs, on the public roads of this country. The police "Protect and Serve" alright, but it isn't John Q. Public whom they protect, nor whom they serve.
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    Glad you made it home ok... Eeesh! Had it happened in one of the quieter Suburbs of Buffalo up here, you would have been introduced to the business end of a broomstick. Splinters in places where they could never naturally occur, that is unless you ate it, uncooked. I give you huge credit for sticking up for yourself. They are getting just a little carried away.

    Lots of targets in those States you mentioned, if you were going to blow up somebody's cow!
  6. machiasmort

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    Been thinking bout chaging my saying to : "Just cuz yer paranoid, don't mean they aint out to get ya!"
  7. eastwoodo4

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    you r so right my freind.that ****s scary.specialy when u start thinking they could plant something on u for being a hard ***.u wouldnt be the first.
  8. fasteddy

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    Fellas, when I was looking around for information to see if there was any way of getting into Canada if you had something stopping you,I came across a blog from a former border guard who said he knew of 5 guards at the border crossing we use who had a hate on about Canadians and did every thing they could too turn us back which gives you an automatic can't enter.
    If you appeal your lawyer can't sit in the same room as you.

    We have a business channel and they interviewed someone from the US Government about how the need for passports was going to affect northern US businesses if Canadians don't get passports and shop over the line.
    He was busier than a possum trying to cover scat in a Wal-Mart parking lot.We needed passports because it was a global economy ,it was just a good thing to do,it was faster than checking birth certificates,His birth certificate had thing wrong on it{and he is a government official?} and on and on.
    The TV people shot him down on every thing he said.

    About a year ago on our local news there was a letter from some one in the White House that said they wanted to control the borders and control peoples movement and generally issue everyone a control number so they could be watched.
    The answer was that that would never go down unless there was another Pearl Harbour.

  9. SimpleSimon

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    "Remember the Maine!" An excuse for aggressive war desired by many in government.

    "Remember the Lusitania!" Another excuse for entering into a war of aggression outside our borders.

    "Remember Pearl Harbor!" An attack designed in this country, carried out by the Japanese in response to economic sanctions, which our government knew about in advance and did nothing to prevent or ameliorate. Another excuse for aggressive war outside our borders.

    "Remember 9-11!" Ho-hum, here we go again. Once again, an attack used to justify a war against Iraq - a war planned for and intended more than three years prior to George W. Bush taking office. A war predicated on lies, misrepresentation, and utterly false justifications in direct contravention of this nations treaty obligations.

    There's nothing new here folks - go back to sleep.
  10. ibdennyak

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    Wow, glad others see the same things happening that I do. When I was very young, my grandfather described life in Germany in the 30's. Our society seems tobe following the same path. Only difference is the implementation is less violent.
  11. Happy Valley

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    At first it is. With a doctrine of inevitability of gradualism, we'll get mission creep.

  12. ibdennyak

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    You're right. Perhaps I should have said, the implementation is less violent, but the results aren't. The phrase that struck a chord for me was Simple Simon's phrase "acclimation to authority" Absolutely says it perfectly. I've felt like a dog being trained for several years now.

    Please excuse me while I lick my %#*&
  13. machiasmort

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    "acclimation to authority"

    Very well spoken, I thought the same thing when I read it.

    Problem is, what to do about it Brothers? Can't do it alone, the rest of the people have to wake up! Got to love the State of Montanas stand!

    Live in NY for a few years. You'll feel like a dog that's been beaten.

    I used to joke with my co-worker's in a Union shop. It was 130 degree's in places. If you chained a dog to a job like that and didn't even expect him to do anything, you could get locked up. It was fine for our employer to do it to us tho!
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  14. eastwoodo4

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    acclimation to authority got me to.take your freedom a little at a theres no clever.bye the time the main public sees it its gonna be to late.
  15. ibdennyak

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    Problem is, what to do about it Brothers? Can't do it alone, the rest of the people have to wake up! Got to love the State of Montanas stand!

    Yeah, I've spent some time in Montanna. The people seem to value their personal freedoms. Another state is Oregon. It is so easy to just shrug it off when it happens a little at a time. I'm fairly independent, but I gripe a little and then just knuckle under myself. :( Eventually it gets bad enough, but it will be too late without a major upset. Kind of like what the US is having presently with the banking and automotive disasters.
  16. SimpleSimon

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    Where do you draw the line? Got to have the support of others or you will just be beaten?

    You draw the line as an individual. Once you have determined just how much you will tolerate, you take your stand and you accept the fact that by doing so you place your life and well-being at risk. Nobody has the right or the obligation to make those choices or accept those possible consequences for you.

    You might ask if I was apprehensive that day in Wolf Creek Pass, and I'll answer that honestly - I was very apprehensive. What I wasn't was fearful, because I'd made up my mind that I'd reached my limit of tolerance, and I expected to be yanked out of my car and assaulted. When I was required to leave my car, I was careful to lock it and slam the door shut as I got out. Keys were already in my pocket, and I was prepared to resist their seizure. Black uniformed stormtroopers looming over me in a threatening fashion, screaming in my face, etcetera were not going to move me.

    It is up to each of us to draw that "line in the sand". If your freedoms are important to you, you need to embrace this motto:

    Remember, you cannot enslave a free man, the most you can do is kill him.
  17. machiasmort

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    I've had a few similar run ins when younger Simon. Cop traffic stopped myself and friend. Got me (passenger) out of car and began to rifle pockets. I've got an extensive martial arts background, this cop was twice my size but I had no trouble keeping his hands off of me without becoming offensive. He refused to explain what he was looking for and when I offered my hands up to be cuffed and explained I'm either under arrest for something or not, feel free to arrest me. I swiftly recieved a shot on the Adam's Apple with his knightstick while he barked, your not playin that lawyer B.S. with me.

    Instinct took over and I bent away from him in pain. When he grabbed a handful of the shoulder on my jacket, I seen him winding up again. Somehow I got my hand under his armpit and legs infront his. He was recipient of a text book hip toss and his body paralled my shoulders (I'm 5'11") he about 6'7". The air rushed from his lungs as people on the street laughed. I walked away with my hands in the air as his partner threatened to shoot... She had my friend on the ground at gunpoint. When backup arrived, I was made to feel like a frenchfry on a beach full of Seagulls (I didn't try to fight back). I calmly asked for a friend who was a cop as the one who hit me approached swearing and punched me while I was cuffed. One of the White shirts seen this and told him to get away before he took the cuffs off and let us settle it, adding "looks like you weren't doing to well before we got here"! He moved away holding and crying about his elbow (he landed on).

    I took my beating like a man (standing straight and tall)(it killed me)! I was given a chance to explain what happened. Mysteriously, I was released and thier investigation netted no tickets or formal arrests.

    I nor my friends ever had another problem with the jerk. He did latter go on to kill a guy we knew and was fired from the PD for excessive use of force. Cracked a kids head with his light for no reason.
  18. fasteddy

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    We rarely hear of police beatings up here now. Tasers are the answer and you don't have to mess up your clothes because the EMT's pick up the body.
    The 5'-100lb women cops they hire feel much safer.

  19. eastwoodo4

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    that right there says it all brother.
  20. SimpleSimon

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    You know, tasers are funny things. A woman I know was on a trip with her husband, and as was his habit, he had the cruise control set to exactly the speed limit, and the active GPS function of their On Star unit engaged, when a Missouri cop pulled them over. They stopped, and the cop came up and claimed he'd clocked them at 17 mph over the speed limit.

    Her husband calmly told the officer that wasn't possible, due to his cruise control being set, and that further, he could prove his speed by querying the history setting of the GPS unit. The cop ordered him out of the car, and when he complied tasered him as soon as he stood up. What the cop didn't know is that the lady is an FBI agent, and was audio and video recording the whole thing. When the cop ordered her out of the car, she complied, but as she stood up and saw him swing his taser at her she shot him in the face with her own taser, set to max voltage. Then she walked back to his car, got on his radio, identified herself and the location, and advised his dispatcher that the officer was down, as was another person, and requested two ambulances and backup.

    Then she called her SAC, described the events, and requested backup for herself. About the time the Missouri cops were threatening her, an FBI chopper out of Kansas City set down in the highway median, and three FBI agents exited the helicopter in full body armor.

    The whole tenor of things changed immediately, of course. When it was all said and done the state paid all of the medical bills, permanently revoked the officers certification as a "peace officer", and issued a formal apology.

    Now, what do you think would have happened to Mr & Mrs Joe Blow in similar circumstances?