The Schwinn Lazy-Ray

This is my first build, very simple, but very fun. Just a cheapo Sting-Ray with an 80cc kit on it, minimal engineering, just a lot of mock ups. I wanted a funny name so hence The Lazy-Ray! (I get tired of peddling heavy cruisers sometimes) It's completely impracticle, super squirrely, and loads o' fun.:D


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I love it- reminds me of my youth. Those bikes were the "in" thing when I was really young...just before the BMX craze...where style went out the window.
Great looking bike! I love the style too. When I was a kid that was the best you could get. There was nothing else better. Hope you have many miles of riding fun!
Thanks for the nod of approval guys. After browsing the site I may look into one of those "boost bottles" and call it done. I probably should put a 20 incher up front for stability, but it just kills the look.
Looks good but how many teeth has your rear sprocket? Usually the sprockets are intended for 26-27" tires so it loooks like you have a heck of a stump puller there.

And I agree, love the way everything fits together.
Yes it's just the rear sprocket that came with the kit. It has a lot of low end and wheelie power, but tops out at around 30mph. I'm thinking of buying or making a larger sprocket, 40mph or bust!!!
You mean smaller sprocket!
I love your bike. Is that the Wal Mart bike?
I should have nabbed one when they had 8 of them at 65 dollars Christmas sale.