The Scooter Guy Ads Pedal Option

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    breaking news!!!! the scooter guy ads pedal option to his motored bike design , thanks to sick bike parts and there threaded pedals , it is a match made in heaven . of course i had to ad a few scooter parts to the set up .to be scooter guy friendly . you will notice in the picture the freewheel has the 4 bolt hole pattern . this is to accommodate a larger choice in drive sprockets . the good news my bike price stays the same , here is a nice trek navigator 200 , with a brand new 49cc Mitsubishi 2 stroke motor with a billet style air filter , , and rocket keyed , gear ratio ,is drive sprocket 11 to a 42 down to a 22 tooth chain ring which drives the rear cassette a shimano mega range 34 tooth first gear , lots of pick up and fast . only $400.00 this bike rides smooth , finger tip click shifters , matching blue rubber racing grip twist throttle and kill switch half gallon tank .

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    now you got the pedal THING a going on there scooterguy

    that was it seemed up top the mountain
    one THING that you were lacking there

    all in all -- that's a very nice looking MB for the money !!!

    have fun selling those THINGS

    we know that the one's buying them will have fun riding those THINGS
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    That's great that you have added pedals so that they will
    attract less attention from law enforcement in California and
    other states.

    Could you please add some pics of how easy it is to pedal on
    that bike?
    How close is your left leg and foot to the motor and exhaust?

    I would like to see some pics from the top and left side with a
    person sitting on the bike and the pedal in the position where it is
    the closest to the motor.


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    Please . Please . Please.
    Take pictures outside.
    In bright day light.
    I can hardly see the goodies.
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    pedaling works . on this bike because the frame is so tight there is not a lot of clearance on the left pedal but it definitely can be pedaled , it seems to work well using the last third of the pedal , almost like a custom double wide pedal would be perfect. sounds like i'm going to break out the video cam today do another youtube video. it definitely will satisfy the law.
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    you got it better pics , and a video , i give em what they want ,
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    I guess I am still curious what laws you are working under with this system? As well as the one without shifting you made before using 49cc motors? I think that Oregon is a great market for motorized bikes but doing it with non conforming models is not a good start at getting them recognized as a method of alternative transportation.

    Motor-assisted Scooter

    According to ORS 801.348, a motor-assisted scooter:
    Is designed to be operated on the ground with not more than three wheels;
    Has handlebars and a foot support or seat;
    Can be propelled by human or motor;
    Has a motor capable of propelling it no faster than 24 miles per hour on a level road; and
    Has a motor no bigger than 35 cubic centimeters or, if electric, has a power output of no more than 1,000 watts.


    According to ORS 801.345, a moped:
    Is designed to be operated on the ground upon wheels;
    Has a seat or saddle for use of the rider;
    Is designed to travel with not more than three wheels in contact with the ground;
    Is equipped with an independent power source that is capable of propelling the vehicle, unassisted, at a speed of not more than 30 miles per hour on a level road surface; and if the power source is a combustion engine, has a piston or rotor displacement of 35.01 to 50 cubic centimeters regardless of the number of chambers in the power source; and
    Is equipped with a power drive system that functions directly or automatically only and does not require clutching or shifting by the operator after the system is engaged.
    A bicycle equipped with a power source may be classed as a moped if it meets all the moped requirements and also does not meet either the definition of an electric assisted bicycle as defined in ORS 801.258, or a motor assisted scooter as defined in ORS 801.348.
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    so its a moped

    under 50 cc , no clutching and u don't have to shift. and you can tune the carb so it wont go faster than 25 . i could do allot with a 1000 watt e motor . in fact i have a Currie electric bike 24 volt system goes twenty five . i can pedal a bike 25 with no wind. ha ha ...i have been riding safely and discreetly for three years , with no problems , i was pulled over one time on a Sunday morning i think because i was riding this
    no ticket , however it was a china kit 80cc in Oregon you need a motorcycle endorsement for that way eligal .
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    With a 5:1 reduction box to an 11:42 (or 3.82:1) - 19.1:1 would be a bugger to catch those pedals and do any work wouldn't it? Comfortable cadence for us mere mortals (ie. not lance armstrong) is 60-80 rpm. At 1500 rpm this is already 80 rpm to catch up.

    Really nice design though - the electric start is a good touch, and those starters work well as generators for lighting etc. If I was in the US I would buy one, thats for sure.

    I'm looking at making something similar - using an 11 tooth 6.35mm pitch (#25H) chain, driving an 80 tooth sprocket, without a freewheel (for the moment) due to our silly local laws about being auxilliary propulsion and 200W - at 3000rpm cadence is 80 rpm. Cops cant say its primary mode of propulsion 'cause you have to pedal if you use the motor.
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    yes i think i can hook one of those generators up to a rectifier and charge battery pack for currie e system . never have to plug it in .
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    the motor come stock with a #25 sprocket now that i have the custom front cranks i can use the drive sprockets and use what you are talking about on my crank . 80 teeth #25 should make the sprocket almost 70 inches across ? might be hard to go that big might rub on bike frame . have to break out the angle grinder i can send you a mount , use whatever motor you want , as long as it uses that 5 to 1 tranny
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  14. thescooterguy

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    that one is threaded , i would use a 4 bolt hole pattern for my freewheel , but you understand, great availability in sprocket sized .and much cheaper i would step up to the 8mm little heavier chain not as much wiggling around , and more forgiving
  15. Mountainman

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    well -- well -- well

    well -- well -- well

    that MB thing looks to be not only pretty fast
    but also -- just down right -- very slick

    how's that muffler -- looks kind of close to the leg
    can't have everyTHING
    got to have the engine somewhere
    and in the center of the bike is the all round best location

    have fun as you sell and ride those THINGS
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    thank you mountainman , as for the muffler , the out spout is on the side to the left not that bad , leg tucks behind motor and has plastic heat guard , i ride in shorts in the summer no problem . while pedaling leg comes around the side but in theory the motor would be off . soon i will build one with a bigger frame then there will be plenty of room for pedaling . this bike was not the best choice for pedals , but that is good because it shows the worse case scenario. so far i think its good . i will ride it more miles , see how well the crank holds up.
  17. Mountainman

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    I like and need the pedal THING

    maybe mount one of those THINGS up to a big Road Hog bicycle

    regarding motor bikes -- have noticed that
    you and your company have just a little different twist a going on

    I like that !!
    not blowing smoke up your tail pipe
    been thinking about MB #2 for a while now
    someTHING has came to light
    your MB products kept coming to the minds eye
    but -- I like and need the pedal THING

    now you got that a going on
    I didn't think that it would take you long

  18. thescooterguy

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    pedals were on the list of winter projects , i wanted to make them affordable , i knew freewheeling cranks were out there but for a cost , and i just didn't want to raise my price , the biggest expense are the threaded pedal set , about $30,00 bucks , from sick bike parts , the rest of it i get from from my scooter parts supplier , very affordable .
  19. thescooterguy

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    thats an interesting law about the freewheel thing

    can u just cut the pedals off and use foot pegs , that's what i have always done in the past , i prefer foot pegs feet don't flop around . or foot pegs and then on the cranks arms make those about 4 inches long and well balanced and just let them spin , or pedal that folds up .
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    The cutting pedals off idea is a bit 'ghetto' for me, but anyways....

    I discovered that the 11 tooth I was going to use is 8mm pitch anyway, so I may as well go the 8mm pitch 72 teeth (for a total reduction of 32.7:1 at the crank - sbp does 30:1) and go the freewheel - It looks like you use the 4 bolt freewheel? And this works OK with the SBP threaded pedals?

    Your bracket is a work of art :)