the scooter guy update , THE NEW 2010 MODEL

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    introducing the new 2010 scooter guy system , the scooter guy system is now available in custom colors , the new three point mounting system is more versatile then ever , select your throttle , throttle cable length , custom gear ratio , and now your color too,
    i made one special system in white with the larger tear drop tank from and double break lever from sick bike parts in honor of this occasion , would make a great ghost rider , or add your own pin striping or air brush details ,
    will be sold at my regular price to the first person that says they want it ,my system doesn't normally come with the tank or double break lever , but this one will . hope you like it .

    picture of the new kit.

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    New mount looks totally cool.
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    Is the scooter guy still in business? If so does anyone have his e-mail?
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    That is one cool bicycle you have there!

    Is the bike for sale, or is that a one off ride you made?
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    i found this nirve on craigs list pretty cheap , it needs the three speed hub with a roller break . other then that just waiting for the titan 50cc 4 stroke from . then i will ride it for a week then turn it over to to customer , my next one will be the candy tangerine nirve pictured here , this one is spoken for already as well . i sell kits but i really enjoy building the whole bike , its like art to me .
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