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Discussion in 'Whizzer Motorized Bicycles' started by Zomby Builder, Apr 26, 2008.

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  1. I got the Screach. I hope it's not contaigous. Installed new autoclutch. Seems to work fine. Do Whizzer belts all do this? I have the belt tensioner installed & both front & rear look good. Both even & tight. Up a hill or just wide open throttle with a load will CRY LIKE A LITTLE GIRL> The front belt has been suspect but I tryed 3 different ones & She"s still whimpering. What can I do?

  2. MoonKS

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    I know I had an old car that would screech like a rabbit in a trap - belt dressing seemed to work for me on her...
  3. cory

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    Auto clutch

    Have been tempted to purchase an auto clutch but keep reading threads about noise and other prob. The way my whizzer is set up with the manual clutch everything is so drum tight its hard to use the clutch at a stop sign and keep the motor running. But mine is just set up for fun and to turn heads and spawn questions. If I had to use it for transportation to work I think I would have to install an auto clutch. By the way I just got back from my house up at Goldbar Washington and spent an entire 70 deg day running my Whizzer as fast as I dare, my God I have to say for the record, the power plant that Ralph Westman built for me at Woodstock Whizzer is amazing. This motor has about the same pick up speed as my Honda CT 90 trail and the speed seems endless. Im not trying to drum up business or take away from any dealer on this forum but the old guy really knows how to build a bullet proof, lightning fast Whizzer motor. Talked to Ralph about an auto clutch but decided in the end a manual would be best for my needs.
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    Hi Guys Ive had better luck and rides with the auto clutch and havent had any problems that I wasnt able to adjust out . Bill Green PS 50mm,70mm,90mm.
  5. screechin!

    Hi Zomby, no all Whizzers, and all belts do not screech! BUT I did have a couple of different belts that made running your fingernails on a blackboard a treat compared to the caterwalling belt!

    IF you get just a little screetch, on hard accelleration, or takeoff, typically it is the front belt, remember that any belt will spin first on the smaller pulley.

    If you cannot see which, or feel when riding, I like to put the bike up on the stand and turn the rear wheel by hand in the direction of the load and watch for slippage.

    IF it squeels immediately on takeoff, remove belt guard (i don't run them on some bikes) and use a squirt bottle of plain water, run, get screetch, water it, then you'll isolate it, because it will quieten.

  6. Chirp--Chirp

    OK, Thanks for the input. The autoclutch is working better than my last. I have quieted the belt noise by adding a 1/2 link in my chain. This motor is not mounted in a way that is adjustable. Looks great next to the Crank sprocket, nice & even but is not mounted far enough forward. So have to use a belt tension roller so that the belt does not rub on the most forward lower belt guard mount. If you take it EZ on takeoff & even EZ er up that 6 degree hill - She won't cry. Just Chirp Chirps a little. After dinking around with it all morning, I swept out the garage. Course I had to ride all just to Spring Clean. Screech still Gets it on.. She does 50mph, with no headwind on a level road. Quenton builds a quality power plant too.. Mike : Will you check out my bike? I'm in the Bay on 5/18 to 5/20 & could leave it with you. Love to Live!!
  7. Screetching, no Owl

    Hi Zomby, yeah I'd really like to see your bike, and what you've done on it. You will see some stuff here to. I'd be happy to see you.

  8. Quenton Guenther

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    Hi Guys, Somehow I missed this post.

    Mike please PM me about the warranty on his clutch.

  9. KilroyCD

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    Try using a Gates belt. I'm using a Gates AX-27 on my manual clutch, and she doesn't squeal like the previous belt did.