The Skyhawk Stage III --- Best Bike ????

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    Hey people,
    I recently bought the The Skyhawk Stage III Whopper Stopper kit. I went to walmart to look for a bike that had 14 inches of clearence but couldnt find one. Id like to eventually put a shift kit on the bike so a non cruiser would be best. Also I would like actual brakes, and not coaster breaks as I plan to ride in the 30-35 mph range. Any ideas on a decent, cheap bike?

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    If you are looking to eventually use the new 4-stroke shift kit. You should make yourself a cardboard cutout that measures 8 1/2 (front to back) X 9 1/2 (top to bottom), take this to the bike store and then try and place it in the front triangle with the bottom level to the ground. If the cut out will not fit then the frame is to small. You will find that most Cruiser frames (those with S bend down tubes) have more room than similar sized MTB Frames. You will probably need at least a 20in. (suspension corrected) MTB frame to fit the Motor and Shift Kit. I'm not sure what the model is currently called but I'm pretty sure that Schwinn still sells a Multi Speed Cruiser that comes with V-Brakes front and rear for well under $200.00. This bike used to be called the Jaguar but I believe its called something else now. If you havent already seen these two items from the SBP site there is alot of good information here. Stroke SK Requirements.pdf 4T Manual001 Rev A.pdf