The speeedo to tach didn't work

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    I bought a Schwinn bike computer and went thru hooking it up to the HF after programing it to 268 mm and selecting MPH like the Instructable web site said.
    The computer display would go to 999 just past idle. Hmmm.
    Then I read down below in the site article that you need a unit which does "Cadence" (which is RPM). However, at the beginning of the instructions the site article said all you need is a computer that you can program in MM and read out in mph.
    I wanted one anyway. but the article is apparently wrongly worded.
    The Schwin seems like a nice unit with awful instructions- does work for a speedo though. I especially wanted it to calibrate this excerize bike speedo- it was very close (a little optimistic) with the 24 inch wheels I am using-

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