The state of California needs to be takrn to court

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    The state of California is very discrimitory towards the Gas powered Motorized bicycle. Roadies pedaling race bicycles can reach speeds up to 50 miles per hour and Electric bicycles can be juiced to 72 volts making them very fast. They are allowe to ride with no rules but the Gas bike rider has to have a DMV registration, A Motorcycle license , lights,motorcyle license, A horn, a speedo and a mirror. To top it off they cannot ride in the bicycle lane.
    The reason for them being banned from the bicycle lane is safety. Well the state of California by not allowing Gas bikes to use the bicycle lane is putting riders lives in very serious danger.
    This is just wrong! They did have a total ban due to carbon violations but that seems to now be under control with the new 2011 models. Again Electric bicycles that go 20 miles per hour accelerate faster then gas bikes and when juiced to 72 volts can reach speeds of 45 miles per hour in just seconds.
    The DMV,CHP and CARB need to all be called out as to why they descriminate against poor people trying to ride these bikes to work. They make it very costly to rides a $300.00 dollar gas bicycle.

    DMV fees $$$$
    License,registration and plate
    Driving school to get Motorcycle license $$$$
    This is just a buch of B$$$$$$$

  2. ibdennyak

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    Unfortunately, the result would be to regulate electrics in this age of more and more restrictions. Maybe Chuck Norris should have been governor instead of Arnie. :idea:
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    Your rant here is is full of incorrect statements and misinformation.

    CA of all the states has some of the best regulations on mb's.

    Motorized bicycles are not only allowed to ride in the bicycle lane they
    are required to and you can go up to 30 mph legally.

    Who told you mb's are banned from the bicycle lane???

    There has never been a ban on riding motorized bicycles in CA.

    Electric bikes have a 20 mph speed limit in CA but it is never enforced
    that I have heard about.

    Where do you ride where you are having these problems?

    The license plate is a lousy $19 one time fee.

    You can get a temp M1 or M2 that is good for a year.

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  4. RedBaronX

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    I have never lived in CA, I was there once a few years ago for only three days, and I have never read their traffic laws for any sort of vehicles. But a pedal bike going 50 MPH is incredibly uncommon, especially when you think of it in perspective of ratio vs. number of all pedal bikes on the road.
  5. BiMoPed

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    Badger is blowing smoke....

    I got passed the other night heading north in THE BIKE LANE on PCH in Newport Beach by a spandex guy that was blowing through red lights.
    I caught up to him and paced him at 26 to 28 mph. He couldn't keep it up
    for very long.
    50 mph is downhill which does not count!

    We are having a big ride from Long Beach Sun April 3rd and I'm expecting up to 50 bikes.
    We will be riding 30 miles on PCH in the BICYCLE LANE and blowing through
    Huntington Beach by the pier on a very busy Sunday

    Badger if you are in SoCal please come by and we will set you straight.

    i have ridden about 3000 miles recently and never been stopped even
    though i don't have the plate yet. A lot of those miles were in the bike lane.

    $19 is all you need to spend for your plate and registration for as long as
    you own your bike. No insurance needed.

    I just love you guys that are going to sue CA. Hope you have a lot of
    money to blow or a free lawyer.
    Good Luck!!!
    Some people just don't know when they have it good.
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  6. Badger

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    First of the only part that was exagerated was the Roadies going 50 they can do that only on a incline by Roadies I mean non MTN Bikes syles like Olympic racers ride Ihave went 45 MPH at full pedal down hill in the bike lane and I am no Olympic rider. On the flat I average only 10 to 15 MPH but still It is possible to go over 20 MPH pedaling.
    Electric rider sells ver powerful Electric bicycle kits go to their link and see for your self. My friend has went 45 MPH on his 72 volt kit.
    As for the laws here is a Ventura area link see it for yourself:

    San Luis Obispo also enforces these laws. Pretty scary.
  7. Badger

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    Hey Red Baron I am in SLO county and the Roadies can book it down Hill the Cal Poly University boys are pretty fast pedalers. You guys are on the beack a little different.
    I agree on the flats you can beat the any pedal powered bicycles. The elctric bikes can fry the tires when they have 72 volt very fast on the take off. The 48 volt bikes are still fast off of the line but slower at top end about 20 to 30 mph.

    Here is a pretty fast Electric Bike link
  8. Badger

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    Also I agree maybe we should just accept it or the Electric bikes would get tagged with the sane restrictions.
  9. BiMoPed

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    A BIKE LANE is a whole different meaning than what this law says.
    The BIKE LANE is on the side of the road.

    Personally I don't want mb's on trails or on the strand with bicycles either.
    Turn your motor off and pedal.

    Not very scary....

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  10. RedBaronX

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    yeah that's probably what the "unless it is within or adjacent to a roadway" part means...

    Here in WI, MBs can ride in the bike lane-- I do if I need to or want to, and that depends on other traffic. Even when I do, I consider it "theirs", meaning a pedal bike lane.

    Don't know about our bike trail/path laws since I don't know where the paths actually are...
  11. BiMoPed

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    $19 one time fee for a plate??? Huh?
    There is no need to pay for a "Driving school" to get a M1 or M2

    What other fee's are you complaining about?
  12. Badger

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    You guys Obiviosly will find out the hard way. I just closed my Bicycle shop but I checked with C.A.R.B. and they have Rules as does the C.H.P. as does the DMV. as does the EPA. From what I understand most Cities are not enforceing all of the rules unless people get out of hand and drive fast down town. But it does not mean they do not have the regulations in place already.
    Code #406.A is for registration not bike lane, Code #12804.9 is for Motorcyle Lic. which applies to riding on a street not bike path, Code #27803 is for Helmet require on gas powered mopeds or Bicycles not sure how that reads but If I remember right the CHP told me if you are over 2 HP and the Bike lane code is #2107.5
  13. wbuttry

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    Who cares about roadies we are concerned with motor bikes. And are they taggable or not.We need to get to the bottom of all this stuff and find out for sure with out a shadow of a doubt which states these things are legal and deal with the rest. Thats all you hear on this forum is people fiteing over the legality of each state in question . And these motors do ship to cali. Cause majority of the sellers of the hunks of junk lives and sells from cali . Boy go fast and 20 different sellers on ebay and on this site do also . We will leave it to the member of each state to post a leagality decleration. On the forums so all the fiting will stop. And if its legal in your state to ride these on the city streets get it out of the dmv handbook and carry it with you to prove it. To any officer that pulls you over and says you are breakin the law it is that simple.....
  14. Badger

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    Well I posted the Code #'s on my post that really is not to argue. But California is now allowing some 2011 motors into the state thank God. CARB or California Air Resources Board didn't allow them in 2010 Boy Go Fast wouldn't ship one to me last year when I ask them to this year they will so I will probably get two and Regisster at least one of them with the DMV. The one I curremtly ride is very fun and I have not been pulled over as of yet knock on wood.
    I agree that we shouldn't be argueing but having fun building and riding.
  15. wbuttry

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    thats rite but we need to find out what state it is completely legal to ride them in and post it now maybe people wont complain to much that they cant get a engine from to cali missouri where i live is completely legal here to ride the heck out of them as much as you want cool huh thats what i like
  16. Badger

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    Thats true freedom my friend.
    I will keep riding mine as long as they let me.
  17. Will Snow

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    I have ridden motorized bicycles (motorcycles too) in California for a very long time and also wish there were not so many regulations.

    But!, I can see why the regulations. At present there is a dealer that is putting together bicycles that do 50 mph they claim. They also put together a video showing how well they perform. If we ride our bikes in traffic the way they do in the video, then lawmakers and police have to act. Yes, the police are cracking down in the city where this dealer is located. A member of this forum who lives in that area reported that the police are stopping and ticketing motorized bicycle riders and gave some examples why they were stopped. From what I read the police should stop and ticket them. I have personaly seen abuse to safety and just plain good judgement.

    I do not like to be under a lot of regulations and this is one of the reasons I have liked motorized bicycles. However, a few weeks ago I register all my MB's with the DMV. I already have a motorcycle license. The only other requirments that I am aware of according to the DMV and police is: motor not over 2 hp, don't go over 30 mph and where a helment. While I don't like the idea that I am being made to do that, I must add "the rules are fair and reaonable to live with".

    However, the law is not perfect either. If you have a nice motorized bicycle and want to ride it and be legal ---- How do you get a motorcycle licnse when the DMV will not let you use your bicycle for the ride test.

    There are probably more gray areas that the lawmakers and police are not aware of and don't want to be. They have some much more important things to do than deal with motorized bicycles.

    My thought are: each of us obey the law as responsible bicycle riders are required to do. If a bicycle rider runs a red light I have seen them get a ticket and rightly so. These are bicycles not motorcycles, ride them as a bicycle and obey the same law. As I have been told from when I was a child "RIDE SAFELY".

    I have been riding motorized bicycles for well over 20 years and never been stopped by a police officer. Looked at, waved and smiled at but never stopped for a violation. But I do try to obey the law and not be rude to car and truck drivers. I also keep in mind that I am riding a BICYCLE.

    A little long winded I know.
  18. ibdennyak

    ibdennyak Guest

    But very well said Will. Once again, a few bad apples.....
  19. you lot need to come over hear. i am trying to get mine on the road and there are 3 enforcement agencies that i have to go thro to get it on the road. and believe me they will stop me take the bike and crush it straight away if its not.

    one agency just passes me over to the other and then back again. of course i cant talk on the phone as they dont do that so its all by email. **** system.

    but i will do it even if i have to keep harrassing them until they give in to me. i send one email every day until i get a reply. and when i do i save it for ref later.

    im hoping that will do until they get the hint i will not stop until i gett he answer i want.

    the agencies involed are VOSA, vehicle operator services agency, DVLA, driver and vehicle licensing agency, and the DFT, department for transport.

    they all do a different thing but they all need to co-operate with each other, and come to a conclusion as to how far my bike needs to go.

    this is how i understand it so far (hold on)

    DVLA need to register my bike as a new vehicle and they issue a VIN number (vehicle iddenty number) so it can be tracked thro the system. but they need a test from...

    VOSA, who need a vin number before the test so the can look on there system to see what needs testing,

    DFT, need to know from both agencies and me and the bike so they can say if it can go on the road and if its been built safe enough.

    if that isnt a headache and im getting lost typing it but.

    VOSA will not test the bike until DVLA give it a vin number, but, DVLA, wont give a vin number until VOSA have tested the bike.

    so im going round and round in circles until i get an answer from either.

    so if after this you have got a headache or gave up reading then WELCOME TO MY WORLD.......

    as one man said, we will fight them on the beaches and the streets even in the houses but i will never surrender....
  20. Badger

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    How do I get a Motorcycle license? I have never riden a Motorcycle. I plan on registering my Gas Bikes though.
    I also believe I would have to go to a Motorcycle driveing school and I cannot afford that as I am only working 32 hours a week. That is why I built the bike to save on gasoline and money. I didn't build it to ride it like a minibike.
    I agree the bad apples going 55 mph downtown will ruin it for everybody.