the state of the chinese engine market...let's talk.



when i found this motorized bicycle thing, like all of you, i was so enthralled i didn't care where they came from or how i got it. still don't sort of...

but we sure have had ourselves a closer look at the folks who make, import, and sell the kits and engines to us. for the most part, i am not liking what i see.

i won't rehash the lies we've all encountered and learned how to avoid. let's talk about what's happening this very minute:

don grube has been in contact. he's imparted to me some very interesting information about the new gearboxes...he told me differences about sources/makers, and he told me some important information about the technical pluses and minuses of the various options available to us right now. included in his letter are a coupla "digs" at other makers and sellers & we know that's not the MBc way. also...he stated in his letter that i could publish the information only if i posted the letter in it's entirety, ending with the threat that my failure to comply with his wishes would jeapordize our future relations. hmmm...i explained to don that at MBc positive promotion of one's own character and not smearing the other guy is the accepted way to address members of this consumer's group. i declined to publish. you guys don't like it? then contact don and let him know you're not too happy knowing he's holding back to try to control MBc.

jacky lee has joined the forum, claiming to be a rep with a maker based in china. all good, eh? well, it could be...except that when i privately asked jacky lee, as MBc admin, for some qualifying information about himself and his company, i got the same ol runaround. i asked who referred him, he lied, it's confirmed. i asked him for links to sites that offer his products at a retail level...he hasn't come across with that info yet. questions about tech details (from dealers in canada & the US) recieve the response “yes, quality is good”.

china sure is having a hard time getting anything right these days, babies have died because something is amiss with our (USA) trade arrangement with china.

i've had it...i'm tired of the lying liars. i don't know yet what i'm going to be doing differently, personally or as MBc admin, but i know something is going to be changing in my motoredbiking life, and soon.


Chris, thanks for your explaination. It clarifies a bunch of issues for me. And I also appreciate your honesty and candor. And Jacky Lee, I'm sure you will learn a lot from this forum. I hope you haven't been discouraged.

Jacky Lee

Apologize for my poor english!

jacky lee: i apologise for saying you seems the language barrier works both ways, and i am truly regretful for my part in this misunderstanding. in the future, we will both ask for clarification before we react, agreed? please clarify for us that chris is not a client but a prospective one.

chrishill: thank you for your courage and candor, you're the kind of supplier this market needs more of :)

Dear Augie
I am sorry .I think need apologized is me for my poor english,caused this misunderstanding
Christopher is my prospective client,not dealer.I am sorry for my poor englsh.
but with Christopher we had a very nice taking , his candor i am very happy ,i think we wil had good cooperation.
he and me and you ,we all want our client use the best quality engine kit with the good price .
Actually, we used sell my products through the trading company. they never want me ,the factory know the final client (dealer in US or Cannada). they hope had the order with the lower price, so asked factory for the lowest price ,and tell the factory used poor quality spare parts , use bushs, not strong chain and poor quality casting and so on. but i don't want do like this .

I hope we will offer the final client the best quality with suitable price. not hold the market price. beacuse the client need fairness and know the truth about engine kit .




yes! build us something we can count on and attain thru proper channels, and let us know what is going on!

thank you all, i bet we just did a better job than all the fat-cats and big-whigs, and we did it with an eye to the future, kudos to all :)

now, about don grube? EDIT: i dunno...i prefer to just let it all now know what's up and i figure you'll all make your own decisions.

i need to say something about some of the info's that come to light in this topic: i prefer to be able to get my engines "legally"...i mean that...but i also feel a bit of rebellious satisfaction in my use of a happy-time, because i (personally) don't think uncle sam's got it right in this case. my personal intent is to migrate to a 4-stroke engine well under the size/hp/speed limit, learn to live with it, and then advocate for a move in this direction.

more riders more better.

whatever it takes.

right now, the way i interpret the needs of the market, i think the consumer would really be interested in a reliable and affordable install-kit-only for 4-stroke engines. one more about a plain ol' torque converter to keep it simple and control cost?


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Dec 15, 2006
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right now, the way i interpret the needs of the market, i think the consumer would really be interested in a reliable and affordable install-kit-only for 4-stroke engines. one more about a plain ol' torque converter to keep it simple and control cost?
agreed...we need a kit that is well built and will take an engine we can get legally

Large Filipino

We need to write to Briggs and Stratton. I mean they can whip out 100 dollar lawn mowers. They have a 100 dollar go cart engines at Costco.
Imagine a company like that building...WHOLE BIKES with hardened sprockets to the hub and just reliable as a lawnmower.
Maybe a merger with Briggs and Stratton and Schwinn.
Then the buyer with an option to buy an engine kit and Schwinn with the tough as nails bike even tougher than usual.
Man. With the price of gas and all,that would make a sweet merger.
I could see a commercial. A real old video of a young man riding a 1903 Harley then fast foward to now and another young man riding a replica.
That's the answer to the gas crisis.
That's a big **** *** to the Arabs.
Ah to dream.
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well, we've had enuff time, and gathered enuff knowledge...

has anyone in the united states been paying attention to current events?

some one or some agency needs to be testing chinese castings and other components for suspect elements
and any possibly-harmful vapors generated by applying high temperatures.

& don't call me crazy.
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I wouldn't call you crazy at all...with people out there selling so called "EPA Certified" Happy Times based on some photocopied sticker with a non-descript signature of some unknown authority, anything is possible.


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To Jacky Lee

I don't know if you ever read this, or care for that matter.
I gather from this post you manufacture the engines ?
So you have a foundry to cast the engines, make pistons and all the other things ?
Is the alloy from raw material or is from recycled scrap metal ?

Your current product sux as far as certain quality issues goes.
Isn't it time now to to bring out a new engine with all the current issues where engine is weak seeing you now must have made so much money, surely you can invest and bring about Happy Time Engine Phase 2 !

I want to know why you don't ask everyone to write in public the upgrades these engines of yours require for HT Phase 2 ?

Let's start from the end first, shall we ?
1. Exhaust Pipe does not match with Engine Exhaust Port
The pipe is round and the port is not round. Aslo the pipe hole and gasket is smaller than the port hole, Why ?

2. Front and rear engine studs, increase size to 10 ML, 6ML is not strong enough. Also, increase stregnth of all bolts,nuts and washers.

3. Carburetor, just fix it.

4. Clutch is too noisy, fix it.

5. Chain, make better chain, it always seems to stretch, fix it.

6.Small sprocket and large sprocket, the teeth are rough finish, can your machines make smooth finsh on sprockets ?

7. General castings, port and carburetor holes need polishing and castings need to be cleaned up.

There might be many other issues, like clutch cable is stretch too much, fix it.

8. Magneto white wire, cannot use for lights because it cut out engine, fix it.

9. Petrol Tank cap, it leaks, fix it.

There might be other issues, but these are what I have encountered so far.