The stock Titan VS The TitanS

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    Sorry for jumping around on subject matters... and.... clearly merging talking points in one thread, but I have some questions on Titans engines vs Honda 50cc and there applications regarding our hobby.

    Other than different jets in the carb how does the Titan S differ than the Titan?. Please be specific. If you know than post away:bowdown:... if not then please pass:rolleyes7:.

    Also I've read some older comparisons of the Titan (S or stock) and the Honda 50. There was some unconfirmed specs, one of them IIRC was the fact that the Honda had a Chrome plated cylinder as the Titan had a steel sleeved cylinder. Is this true or not true? WHICH ONE IS BETTER or again proper in regards to MB applications.

    Both have the gravity feed carb... could one be replaced with a diaphragm carb?

    I pretty much would want to know anything a person could on these (relative comparison) not only for my sake, but also for my fellow hobbyist, while there are some kibbles and bits of info on these noone in a place and with definite answers and with any merit. Another words a MB'er and not a vendor.

    I've search 2 different forums and MANY threads:ack2: and still walk away with a sence of something being keeped from the masses:detective:
    and in case your wondering I wanted to see if it would be feasible to put a Honda 50 on my GEBE kit. I have strengthen the main L bracket on that unit.
    Thats all as I did not see any other weak points, again, in regards to that application. PLease comment if I over looked one.:idea:

    I have seen where Staton sells the housing and clutch kit (for the Honda) for that adaption, but this also adds weight and some significant cost. While the Titan seems to be a clear solution for that dilemma (same bolt pattern and 3" clutch 76mm) I'm reserved because I don't exactly hear people saying the Titan is a very reliable workhorse either.:sweatdrop:

    In closing, I would like to have a sticky on this subject of Honda/Titan 50
    do's and don'ts in regards to rack mounts and the opinions of serious MB'ers.:helmet:. There is a barrage of threads out there none come to a conclusions and are very scattered. Thank you in advanced.:bowdown: jander6442

    BTW: DAX has them in stock as of 8/17/11... this is what got me thinking about it all... sorry for sounding cynical I'm just pressed for time in my post.

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    Hi jander6442. The comparison of the Titan to Honda: the titan is a hausheng engine I guess, overall reguarded with respect and excellent value for the cost even from those who use the honda. One EZM person told me that back when many were pointing out the problems of gear boxes, you rarely heard any of them mention problems about the HS engine. I have one, it seems to be excellent. The honda 50 on GEBE: I think it's too much torque for the belt and too much weight with the staton adapter off setting the center of gravity about one inch outward. You could machine the output shaft and redrill and tap it, and you could use the throttle very carefully,however, the lower mount strap may not be appropriate to maintain the precision belt allignment required. I believe the honda and titan use iron cylinder sleeve, I think the iron sleeve runs cooler, and the rings seat better than with chrome. Thankyou.