The Straight Dope (A very SHORT shootout)

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Hello ... I am Duronimo ... I have inside information,,,Straight from China ...i never lie ... and im always right vote for me ... George C Tirebiter
Fei oo

Response to thread about piston hitting spark plug on livefast Fei oo

"MBc EDIT - This post contained content that is listed in the rules as unacceptable."

*Information obtained by calling china and asking

Fear This
Revolution Cycles LLC
Aidy See See

"There is no such thing as an 80cc Chinese bicycle engine if they say its an 80 they are lieing" Don Grube 07

(IE) the GT-5 skyhawk 80 will take a piston from a 55cc craftsman chainsaw
very, l think livefast does what he has to do to make a buck, who cares if he is buys from a crap factory, atleast he has product to sell. arent you the one who is selling a grubee 2-stroke for 600$ what are you? high or something. l also see that you waste no time in pimping your site right off the bat, thats good. most people here already know who you are, and if they don't, they will.
hi, motorizedbicyclesdotnet...welcome to MBc.

our rules state "billboarders will be dealt with." we weren't making it up, this is a friendly site for all, and anyone here can tell you i can be downright UN-friendly in my work to keep it that way.

so, advice & social participation, yes...salesmanship and criticism of other sellers, NO!
Bryan Semones, watch what you say, you might just f with the wrong person, and l know all about you. and thats why you should be banned fron this sight.....permanetly you p*ss-e
very bad pr dude
seriously lacking in people skills
hope it works for you in a service industry (like mcdonalds)
but I dont think it will work here