The Street Legal Race Car I built

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Mokanracer, Apr 13, 2008.

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    Nice looking car!

    I have a soft spot in my heart for the '62-'64 Chevy II's since my first car was a '63 Hardtop. It had a "warmed up" 230 6 cylinder that held it's own against some V-8 cars. That was almost 40 years ago and I still wish I had kept the car.

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    1962 ChevyII (Deuce)

    It was a fun restoration. You prob noticed I used a 63 grill. The 62 grills arnt being repopped. I did find a NOS 62 grill for $700.00.... :) From CHEVY- 2, A little much I thought. A lot of folks like it much more than the 55 I restored. Its the same size as a Ford Falcon. So has the cute small car effect. I,m getting a little old to be running this car, figured one more year of track season,and I may put smog heads on it,and than could use pump gas and street it. I get the comp 14 1/2:1 thru using the 49cc Darts, using the flat tops. So had that in mind when I was building the car. Thanks for your comments. Much appreciated. I,m pretty much done building cars, much easier to build bikes,so thats what keeps me busy now.
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    Love it! My 2nd car was a white 64. Three on the tree collum shift. Your is mint. Great job!
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    Just a "for what it's worth" I hope to have attached a picture of the '23 T hot rod my son and I built a few years ago. If the attrachment doesn't show up, it's because I'm computer illiterate :grin: The T is powered by an all aluminum 215 big HP...but it's light and goes pretty good.

    I'd still have a '62-'64 Chevy II build left in me, I think, if I could find a decent 2 Dr. sedan to start with, but I think I'd have to pay dearly for a car that wasn't all rusted or already tubbed, etc.. I'm only about 3 Yrs. younger than you. I'd think you could race quite a while yet. I know a fellow who is still very competitive and is 65-70 years old, still running a pretty fast '67 Nova at Sikeston Dragway, which is about 60 miles from where I live.

    I'm not so sure about building bikes being any easier than cars. I had a hard time crawling around on the garage floor and trying to get my knees to lift me back up while trying to install a bike engine kit today. Knee surgery is scheduled for Thursday.....maybe I'll be kicking around like a baby calf again soon :grin:
  6. That must be a pro street frame? Cause I hear that it's near impossible to tub a Chevy II.
    Man that car kicks $%#@. I dunno. I like both that and your 55.
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    Mini Tub

    I did a mini tubb...I cut the rear wheel hsg,s back to the subframe, and then pulled the hsg up and ontop of the trunk floor. You have to split the front and back of the hsg in a few places. I also trimmed the outer part of the hsg as well. Was bound ,determined not to back half the car. Dont know why as I put a TCI front Tube clip under it. Thanks..
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    Great car!! If I remember correctly, wasn't this car offered in 1965 with the 327 vette engine?? That's one car I would have liked to own. My first car was a 1954 Chev with the 235 "stovebolt" six. My second car was a 1965 350 horse 327 vette. Wish I still owned it. BTW has anybody looked on page 4 bottom of Mokanracer's link? :shock:
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    Great suspension!!
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    LOL, You caught that huh??

    Being onery, trying to get folks to come look at my 62 :) Its been rated TOP (1st) but has never made it past there. Usually imports win. Car domain is mostly the younger generation I think. Appreciate you looking at my Deuce.