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    I have been lurking and reading for a couple weeks now. Lots of interesting info. I live over on the east central coast of Florida and I am looking for a way to keep my truck in the driveway more often and more $$$ in my pocket. I regularly travel 9 to 10 miles one way to see friends, go shopping, etc... The truck is killing me now that gas is over $4 a gallon. A real scooter is out of the question right now because our budget has become so tight. This looks like the solution. My only fear is getting run over by some idiot on a cell phone or a drunk while riding the bike.

    I used to race road bikes (USCF Cat. 4) and mountain bikes when I lived in NC. I did 10 years in the Air Force up there. Cycling was much different up there and this was actually before the whole cell phone revolution. It is scary to watch people drive around here. Even watching from a truck. People are literally all over the road, completely distracted. etc....

    Anyway... I'm going to give it a shot. I'm looking at putting a Staton Friction unit on my Giant NRS 1. I think it is the simplest solution for the bikes I have now. I don't want to screw up the NRS and I would like to keep the rear disc. I would have kept some of the ones I sold if I knew I was going to be doing this.

    I have been reading alot and I cannot exactly find the information I am looking for. I'm looking for a good set of street tires for this bike. The rims are UST and presta, but I can and have used tubes before. Has anyone tried the Continental Town and Country tires? They look to be a good choice: by Subcat: 26x1.8 to 26x2.1

    Cool forum! Thanks for the input. I'm already looking at different bikes for a chain drive setup.


  2. Welcome Neighbor from the Treasure Coast...
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    Welcome to MBc. I've used the Continental Town and Country tires with a Staton friction drive. They work well. I'd recommend them.
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    MIsteright, Cool... Small world. Do you stick to the secondary roads or do you ride on all of them? Have you had any problems with the cops? My main use for this thing is to ride from my camper in Micco up to Rocky Point on the weekends to meet a friend and go sailing. The water is finally warming up!

    Alaskavan, Thanks for the input on the tires. They look good, but you never can tell. I'm going to go ahead and order them. Do you run any puncture protection strips in there? What about the tubes?
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    I run Mr Tuffy kevlar strips in the tires of all my bikes. I'm not particular about my tubes.
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    Welcome! Greetings from Lake Placid. South Central! I have an 80cc Schwinn Point Beach. Glad to have you here.
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    Hello there!

    Looks like you guys are finally getting some rain... Still like a desert over here. The storms have been dodging us every day. It looks like a Texas landscape out here.
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    I have used Conti Town and Country for 15+ years and think they are one of the best tires made for non racing. They are built to last. Continental is building a new tire, Contact Security that is really tough that might be the ticket. Check out all their stuff at
    I too raced Cat 4 and mountain bike back in the 1980's, and got used to the Continental quality.