The Super Silver Death Bike

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  2. graucho

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    Ya man, you've got to love it! We may have to start a silver bike club. Great build! It looks sleek and fast. Congrats! How many more do you think we could add to the list?

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  3. funker

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    Pure bright! A really nice ride with a classic touch, congrats!
  4. skyl4rk

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    Yeah, balloon tires are an important part of bicycle suspension. If it makes you feel better, potholes hurt on mountain bikes as well.

    Just ride it easy, don't push it.
  5. BSA

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    Neat bike, reminds me of a old English raliegh 3 speed.

  6. motoschwinn

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    Brother I hear you on the rough ride. My Schwinn Suburban is about as unforgiving as it gets!

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  7. Jim H

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    That looks like the bicycle I got for christmas 1966! Sears and Roebuck...

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    Well, I sold the silver bike and built a much more comfortable ride, a brand new schwinn jaguar curve frame. It was a perfect fit for the kit only 2 hours install time!! and rides oh so smooth. Pics coming soon.