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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by kerf, Nov 10, 2009.

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    Good morning fellow MB riders,

    In the thread "Obama Mama's Health Plan ???", I mentioned that the Tea Party Express was coming to Birmingham and I was going to the rally. AG ask that I post pictures of the event so I thought that I would begin another thread and explain a little about the Tea Party movement and why I have chosen to be a part of it. The Tea Party movement isn't one organization but many that are connected by a common idea, they have sprung up all over the country and are truly grass roots. They receive no funding from any political party or from any government agency, they are supported by people within each community that feel that, as a country, we have left the principles that have made America great.

    In my local area there are two Tea Party organizations, the largest and the one I've joined it the Rainy Day Patriots.

    They began as four house wives, that met online, and decided to hold a tax protest, with signs, along side a busy highway in our community. The day of the protest there were storms all day long but they stood beside the road, with their signs, in the rain and attracted the notice of local talk radio. Thus was born the Rainy Day Patriots. On April 15, 2009, we held the first Tea Party protest and drew 5000 to 7000 people, what a night! The common idea that brought us together is the fact that our government is out of control. Out of control spending, taxation, legislation, regulation and a total disregard for our Constitution.

    Yesterdays rally began at 12:15 pm, in a downtown park and according to media reports drew 500 - 600 participants. The crowd wasn't static however, as many people joined during their lunch hour but at its peak I believe the estimates were low (see photo). The Tea party Express is a separate organization, on their second cross country tour, with speakers and entertainment, all very much focused on the central issue of out of control government.

    These groups are, for the most part, conservative but draw people from across the political spectrum. We are looking for change by taking the power back from the two political parties by supporting those local candidates that support us. We will get involved in local politics because as has been said "All politics are local". Things didn't get this far out of control overnight and it won't be fixed overnight. It got this way because, we, the voter stopped paying attention and holding our elected officials accountable. To change the country we must change ourselves first.

    By the way, there is a story behind Kenneth Gladney (Gladney.jpg) below.

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    good job kerf!

    i have a question about this article

    where the fuc were all the other conservatives when this guy was getting his *** kicked?
    They should have been on those guys like white on rice.coulda had a field day beating the tar out of them!
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    That article left me with that impression also...

    I didn't realize there were Unions down South??? Please elaborate guy's...

    Service Employees International Union, was the Union affliliated with the attack. Guess according to the article there was trouble in Tampa also?

    Great write up Kerf, bet there would have been even more if not for the storm!
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    im ready to go to a tea party,find the biggest loud mouth in your face obama supporter and knock his fucing head off.

    it would surprise me if them obama supporters didnt check that guys pockets for money after beating him.
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    Man I was driving from Astoria Oregon to Longview WA yesterday and it was pouring buckets. I mean BUCKETS. Went thru this town of about 500 people and I bet at least half the town was out in the rain with banners, flags, posters. Did me proud. I honked and waved and flashed my lights as I drove slowly past.
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    love your sig zevo.
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    Thanks for sharing the pictures ! :D
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    I have a suggestion for Tea Party participants: Go to instructable and look up how to make a taser from a cell phone, then buy a cheap one and convert it. Everyone carries cell phones everywhere, it is basically never questioned. If accosted by "enforcers", being able to taze them down would be useful.
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