The technology of Tesla

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    i made a coil once, touched it, and well... still alive and kicking.

    had a couple of pics once upon a time but they all gone now. just the one vid on poo tube...‎

    just the capacitor i made and after having sat around the yard for a few years...

    dont get me started or i might try getting it up and going again...properly!

    was really cool. arcs up to an inch then a testtube would explode in a shower of glass.

    then hooked up to a low wind primary coil, had huge sparks from back emf all over everything...

    THEN inserted the metre long secondary with...never really counted...about 1000 turns i think.

    foot long streamers, that hurt like a B^*% on bare flesh, but were fine on a conductor held in the hand. sheer impact of electrons at near a million volts hurts. electrons have weight, voltage is velocity... current is the number of them. also, just touching the coil terminal was fine.

    so, what i always saw in the basics, that ive never really seen written anywhere else either :thinking: is the resonance of the secondary...

    1/4 wavelength of frequency gives the length of wire required, thats a fundamental rule (that i never actually figured out...just having a go and making whatever i made) but but but...

    every coil has inherent capacitance, every capacitor has some inductance.

    so, the secondary need to have the wire the correct length...that is then wound into a coil with dimensions carefully calculated to be resonant at the operating frequency. never seen that put into words or even mentioned but it seems oh so freaking obvious... then you tweak the capacitor or coil in the primary until resonance...

    the tesla coil is, after all, a TUNED RESONANT circuit... not just a step up transformer. and different frequencies, nay, even, most likely, different waveforms, all cause different effects.

    so much of his knowledge lost... forgotten... how he made controlled ball lightning. how he made luminescent radiation from nothing but the air around a wire and some high frequencies, the transmission of power with no wires...yarda yarda. very intelligent man. at the same time, quite strange... his relationships with people... peculiar.

    stuff edison. who worked out the cheap alloy used for lightbulb lead in wires rather than expensive platinum, as glass has a different coefficient of expansion, very close to platinum? way more challenging than what filament to use...

    thats tungsten now, anyway, rather than carbon... yeah, it wasnt tesla, he felt the wire unnecessary, maybe that platinum issue is one of his reasons behind it besides just being able to do so... just saying. edison was a ******, thief, charlatan...but very good at business and making money.

    find one of those plasma balls. touch it. nothing much happens other than the expected.

    apply small piece of aluminium foil, lolly wrapper, etc... and touch ball through said substance ;) electricity is awesome :) tesla is also awesome.
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    few years ago i found a 15kv 1Uf cap on fleabay for about 160 but not having a spare 160 at the time to snatch such a bargain... go figure.

    rather than use testubes again, i want to use 20mm glass tube, in a much larger bucket. like one of those hard to find 60L ones. MEGACAPACITOR!

    i also havent had any spare 20mm glass tube lying around anywhere. strange that. no, cant use flouro tubes, i need at least 1.2mm walls! few metres of the stuff could add up fairly quickly.

    glass is safer anyway than any purchased cap. it breaks when overloaded. you dont ruin the whole capacitor, just an easily replaced tube.

    also very easy to tune. add more water! remove some water! remove the electrode from an entire tube! etc etc. (salt water)