The truth about squishband.

Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by 210061741, May 7, 2010.

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    Typical figures for this measurement are in the range of .040" to.045" which allows for rod stretch, carbon build-up and other variables. RB Racing's Harley Big Twin ORCA motors are designed with .035" squish to accelerate the turbulence and to further concentrate the mixture in the remaining combustion chamber while leaving a small margin for carbon build-up. Pure race engines with short duration applications may reduce this figure to .025" as some builders aren't happy till the pistons "kiss" the cylinder head. At .025" when you factor in high rpm rod stretch and piston "rock" at TDC you effectively reduce squish to zero.

    I guess someone forgot these Chinese engines aren't quality like an F1 race engine.

    Squish Squash and your engine is toast.

  2. give me vtec

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    I take it you did some experimenting this week??? :detective:
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    hey rich... I read that article on your site about the sytech yoke... that thing is simply stated, brilliant.

    Would one benefit be higher rpms??? It seems that the near perfect parallel motion of the piston would lend itself better to higher rpm operation.

    It took me a second to visualize the motion... but once you do, it almost seems like it should have been designed that way from the beginning. Especially as it applies to the horizontally opposed flat boxter engine.

    How would this work on a traditional inline 4 or v configured engine????
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    One of the reasons the bottom end of piston engines are designed the way they are is their historical routes that can be traced back to the steam engine.
    Steam engines needed to be reversible and operate with similar efficiency in either direction of rotation.
    Internal combustion engines were derived from the technology of steam power.

    One method to reduce piston to wall friction is to offset the cylinder in relation to the crankshaft so there is less connecting rod angularity on the power stroke.
    This would be a disadvantage in a high revving engine as piston speed would be different on the exhaust stroke compared to the intake stroke, reducing the potential to achieve the highest rpm possible for a given piston speed, but low and mid range torque would be improved.

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    so what... he is doing research on 2 stroke chinese engines (a machine that the chinese manufacturers stole from a russian design to begin with), not writing a college paper. Do you hold any patents on the technology or copyrights on the written material??? In all fairness he didn't claim the material as his.... he just copied and pasted it without a cite to where he got it.

    Reverse engineering is fairly common in the corporate world... If I were you I would take it as a compliment that somebody is following and copying (presumably) your work. When he starts to modify Harley engines with your work, then I would raise an eyebrow.

    rich, you would do yourself a favor to learn how to cite quotations.
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    It does not matter where he got it from. It is accurate stuff, and after some research, could be easily found and common knowledge. Once the content reaches that stage, it can not be considered plagarism. It is not 2canplay's work, this new member is most likely taco or jim. Since when is teaching someone about engines something of scorn? This thread is discouraging to new members entering the MB scene. Rich, stop with the accusing hints that are towards taco or jim. We all can read it and understand what you are trying to say. Everytime you start a thread, somewhere in your post is an attack towards someone and thats just not cool. If you can make a thread without any hint to someone elses mistake (or not mistake), then there would be no reason for people to make a big fuss. If that happens I don't wanna hear people make accusations when there is no actual sentence about someone else. I enjoy learning about new stuff but not when the real reason for the thread is to continue to bash someone, thats just not right. We all just need to get along and learn about MBs. We can have SO much more fun that way. Rich, if you stop, they will and the other way works the same. Let's all be adults and cut the **** that just seems to be clogging up the MB toilet.

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    those were pretty wise thoughts from such a young dude :)
    I guess if you can see the drama,,,most others can as well ;)
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    Im not sure if that was in reference to my previous post on this thread so I will go ahead and throw my disclaimer in there anyways...

    I didnt want to add any fuel to the fire... I would just like to say that my previous post was in reference to a link on rich's site. I didnt in any way mean to say that the sytech yoke was rich's design or idea. I just thought he might know the answer to my question.
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    I appreciate your support thanks.

    Probably best off to not get too involved with this mess between myself and the pirate possee.

    Sure would be nice to post a thread without them trashing it.

    There afariad they know i am a genius.
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    That would be great... I was actually looking for a good ashtray. A cool MB 2 stroke head would be tight.

    lol... is there anyway you could mount the spark plug in some wood or weld it to some metal so it stands upright??? :devilish:
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    The angle of the plug in it is actually not too bad.
    But the fact that it takes a 3/8" reach plug is garbage.

    Most of the better plugs that are available use 1/2" reach or better.

    You woulda thought someone with so much experience woulda done differently.

    You get the puch head it's better and only cost $30.00.

    Higher quality and cheaper price.

    I'll try to post pics of your engine teardown today.

    But i'm sure the vandals will tag it.

    This is getting to be like gang warefare.
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    Keep things on topic!

    I went through and deleted a bunch of utter garbage from this tread. That's what it was - utter garbage. Let's get this thread back on topic and leave it that way. I don't want to see any more flaming, personal attacks or any other nonsense. If you have a problem with something someone is saying, take it to PM or to a Moderator if need be, but don't clutter up the board with garbage. Clear?
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    no problem boss... crystal clear.
  14. Turtle Tedd

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    Time to bury the hatchet....and dont dig it up anymore
  15. Fabian

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    It seems that's the way things work on forums, not just motored bikes.

    Some people just lack confidence in their lives and need to reinforce their ego on a forum where they can do so without any ramifications for direct personal attacks or detraction's to the person on the receiving end.

    Others don't have a life or any friends and have the need to feel important.
    Still others may just like a good game of fisty-cuffs (whilst being protected by anonymity) without the worry of someone turning up on their doorstep with a baseball bat, demanding verbatim repetition of their online verbiage.

    There's so many psychological aspects that float around on the whirlpool of internet chat mediums and they attract the best and worst aspects of the human condition.

    There's nothing so humorous though as two people with a frightening level of intellectual fortitude slugging it out with cutting personal attacks on each others character or even worse, their intelligence; makes for very entertaining reading.

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    But i do agree with the moderators for cutting out the rubbish when it comes to people trying to develop a product or service and others are playing a game of subterfuge, either to suit their own interests or prevent any form of recognition and commercialisation of intellectual property.

  17. Fabian

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    Now back to the topic - the truth about squishband
  18. Here ya go:

    This engine builder recommends a minimum of .025"-.03".

    This is based on an Aluminum alloy connecting rod...which will stretch considerably more than the heat treated 8620 steel rod in the China engine.

    There is nothing wrong with using a 3/8" reach plug...if they were garbage the engineers at NGK would recommend that the company stop manufacturing them.

    This is an engine that I manufacture for a race team...The engine uses BB Chevy Aluminum Rods from Howards.

    Included below are photos of the Billet heads and valve covers I make for this engine.

    I also make the Cam blanks, and machine the raw castings for the block and covers.


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    go jim i always liked those heads right there sweet
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    wow... those are beautiful.