The Ultimate Beach Cruiser.... The Final Chapter..(maybe)

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  1. Flattracker

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    Ok guys this is the final incarnation. I cant go any further with this project. This is the ultimate motorized bicycle in my world. My 'Rural Assualt Vehicle' . Theres nothing left to add or test. There have been many upgrades and revision since my earlier post on this unit. Too bad the frames too small for a jackshaft kit. I am able to reach speeds of 40 to 45 mph on this contraption.

    Built on an Avondale Glendale dual suspension comfort series 7 speed beach cruiser.

    Dual 12 volt batteries and a 10 watt regulated self charging electrical system.
    Dual chrome headlights (metal housing no cheap plastic here) 5W/5W Hi/Lo beam halogen LED tail/brake light
    Front & back LED signal lights (metal)
    160mm front disk brake
    700c hybrid fork 100mm travel
    3.5 gal Harley Davidson Fat Bob tank
    Harley Davidson mini 2:1 speedometer (Lighted for the night runs. I have to modify a Harley drive unit to replace the bicycle drive. Only lasted 700 mi)
    Black rat trap pedals with toe clips
    H*ll Bent handlebars with chrome bar end mirrors.
    27 tooth custom sprocket hub mounted
    Hairpin seat
    It rides very smooth.
    Well guys I've put over 800 miles on this bad boy! It is also heavy when the gas tank is full, but I never run out of gas on road trips, and I dont have to carry a gas can or reserve tank! Tell me what yall think.

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  2. Wheres my dog

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    Seems to be a durable, safe, and well thought out ride...

    That huge tank, in my humble opinion, is killing the look of it though!

    I would love to have a 350++ miles range though
  3. RedBaronX

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    you know, I think the humongous tank works for it.
  4. Flattracker

    Flattracker Member

    I did want a smaller 2 gal tank, but at the time I didn't have $250 to buy it. I paid about $55 on ebay for this one.

    I too thought it looked funny at first, but the more you look at it the better it looks. I had to get used to it.

    After installation, on one of my first test rides with the stock tank, I ran out of gas about 9 miles from the nearest town.

    Cruising along the ride was so pleasant I forgot how far I had rode and ran out with the 1/2 gal. stock tank. I live in the country 30 miles from a large town. I'm a big guy and only get 50 mpg, so down in these parts its easy to run dry.

    After pedaling that heavy monster back to town (remember still with stock tank) I was determined to never run out of gas again. So far so good.
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  5. rustycase

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    Nice bike.

    I like it!

    Just might be the 'ultimate beach cruiser' .

  6. Barret

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    To me, that thing looks like a TANK! But a beautiful tank, at that. Appears it has everything you need to make a US cross-country trip, right? :cool2:

    Nice looking bike; are you planning to build any more like it, or just 'more', in general?

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Cyclelogic83

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    Love the duel suspension set-up!!
    Im just begining a cruiser build myself, I wish my bike had the rear suspension!!
    The twin headlights looks awesome as well.............
  8. buzbikebklyn1

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    Very nice build... looks plush...
    You can ride to Tera Del Fuego on that tank with out stopping!
    I trust you never totally fill it up... bit top heavy isn't it?
  9. Flattracker

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    "Nice looking bike; are you planning to build any more like it, or just 'more', in general?Barret"

    Yes, I'm in the process or building my 1996 Specialized Ground Control" Dual suspension bike.

    I'm buying a Grubee 66cc, and the SBC Shift Kit to mount on it. Its got the same dual headlights (JC Whitney $25 a pair 50W halogen)

    I'm also planning to build on a beach cruiser (walmart) and mount a Honda 160cc 4 stroke engine mid frame.
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  10. Flattracker

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    "Very nice build... looks plush...
    You can ride to Tera Del Fuego on that tank with out stopping!
    I trust you never totally fill it up... bit top heavy isn't it?"

    It rides smooth. All the extra weight really smooths out the bumps, and the hairpin seat is a DREAM! Best seat I ever owned.

    I have about a 350 mile range with this 3.4 (or .5) gal tank and can forget about gasoline for long periods of time.

    I live in the country and long range is a requirement. It gets awfully hot down here in Texas in the summer, and this bike aint built for pedaling.

    You do NOT want to run dry 20 miles from town! (Been there, done that)

    It is heavy with a full tank, but not beyond my ability to carry it up and down my apartment stairs. (I Used to lift weights)

    Anybody that can lift 100 to 150 pounds can lift it pretty easily. Just not carry it far or lift it high. A thief just aint going to be able to do something like pull up and just throw it in the back of a truck without help unless he's pretty strong.

    I've only filled it up once, and its never been below half a tank. Just recently filled it back full again.

    Its not top heavy at all as you can see by it being parked on the grass on its rear kickstand.

    I do have to use a high quality kickstand, and have to be careful of the grounds inline when and where I park. Got to lean it up hill on an incline, and NO soft ground parking.
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