the Ultimate motored bike for me...

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by atomicmiata, Sep 10, 2008.

  1. atomicmiata

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    I live in the mtns, so my needs are:

    - full suspension
    - front disc brake
    - shifter kit
    - more HP to pull hills (expansion chamber + bigger carb, reed?)


    what is the best (inexpensive, mountain) bike to start with?
    has anyone fit an HT engine to this bike, 26" Mens' NEXT Avalon Comfort Bike?

    anyone know of a source for inexpensive front disc retrofit parts?


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  2. LOL, thats the brand new bike sitting in my back room i bought off line to motorize, at least till i got my 70cc motor kit. It wont go no way no how, without cutting the frame which i was going to do, but after mocking up engine i would have to darn near cut frame in half on bottom tube .It wouldnt be safe so i bought a kulana moondog. Good luck maybe a smaller motor would fit.Super nice bike
  3. atomicmiata

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    it was a 70cc I had in mind for it too :)
    oh well, thanks for the usefull info!
    the search continues...

  4. If your dead set on this bike and want a 2 stroke there is a kit that is a friction drive 52cc or 53cc i seen on here that a guy sells the engine for like 148 or so , but you have to buy a drive and mount too which is another 170 but its a neat setup. Really halls some but on the video and its got that Hey look at me noise that i love from the 2 strokes.That way youd have the full suspension and a cool sound to boot. Keep us posted on which bike ya choose please.
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    Hey... I was checking out a search for 52cc engine and I think I am one of a few vendors if not the only who have this engine... It's got MAD power...:shock:... I don't want to promote too much because this is not the vendor area but I see you were, I think, talking about me???

    You can check out my site at the link listed below...

    I'll be in stock by mid October and I have a free shipping sale going on now...
  6. HI,

    Check out EZRiders bike....close to the ultimate....only thing I can think of it missing is the Shifter Kit for gears.... (his bike is based on the GT LTS frame and he has a Morini engine)...I recently bought a GT frame similar to his but have to get some time to put it all together.

  7. Easy Rider

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    Here's something you might like. It's not finished yet.

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  8. Oooop there it is! ;-)


    PS - That's his new one....I was originally talking about his "old" one but they are both GREAT!....I like the fact that the new one could be a production piece soon (well at least the frame)...
  9. jmccrury

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    The motor can be mounted in the NEXT Avalon, it will just take a little work. I was also wanting to mount a motor on that bike so I started a thread on it but no one really responded until I had already mounted it in another bike. The thread I started is here.

    Someone did mount a 70cc in the bike and there is a picture of there too. The frame should not have to be modified.
  10. heathyoung

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    Friction is not that useful for a mountain bike if you take it off-road.

    I'm waiting on the sickbikeparts shifter kit to come up with a 4 stroke shifter kit, in the meantime, I'm slowly developing my rackmount with CVT...