The Veolsolex - a point of view.

Discussion in 'Video Gallery' started by Ludwig II, Nov 10, 2012.

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    The link didn.t work for me, but I am on a Linux platform.
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    Great little video!! I hope everyone stays around until the is worth it.
  4. lowracer

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    That was fun to watch....Gotta love that British wit!
    On a side note, I have successfully built MB's with high powered front engine drivetrains capable of 53 mph without crashing (see avatar pic)
  5. Ludwig II

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    And 54 with? :jester:
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    53mph with a Cag stage II pocket bike engine @ 4.5 hp, geared 15.6:1 V-Belt drive using a tach @ 11,000 rpm's. I've since retired 3 of these Cags...They are strong as heck, loud, w/ hi compression, but dont live long.
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    Great little video!

    You bike seem to work really well!

    Yes in french, the choke is called starter? I really don't know why the french word is based on an english word with a different meaning!
  9. Ludwig II

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    The choke is the flap or slide that restricts the amount of air getting in, so it makes the mixture the engine breathes much richer. We don't know the french for it either.

    An old time English word for it was the strangler. And given the nature of old British 2 strokes, entirely suitable.
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    I remember seeing one of these in Holland before, nice piece of kit :) That lad in the Video just hates the French I'd say. No problems watching the vid on Linux either
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    I want this guy to narrate all my videos from now on!! I laughed the whole video!! Great VIDEO!! Very funny
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    Hilarious video. Thanks.

    So is it really possible for some of you to start your motors by walking alongside the bike like that?
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    I just wanted to let you know how much I
    appreciate your contributions to this site.
    You are the professor emeritus of motored
    bike history.
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    I'm just a happy nerd, trawling through old pics, but thank you anyway.