the wave runner, please explain...

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    I saw this pic on a stupid website I look at regularly
    and thought, how does this bike power the boat ?
    It looks pretty cool, but what is he holding ??

    any thoughts from the techincal experts ??

    see link below

  2. Stan4d

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    Different Manufacturer but same concept:

    It really is a neat deal. There is an air pump attached to the rudder which is used to pump the bags up. When ready to float a small prop is attached to it. Dual purpose little thingy. The rear wheel drives iot but it is attached to the front wheel.

    To answer the other appears that your image they do not use the front wheel for the looks like that is what he is holding.
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  3. will_start

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    This now reminds me of the old sit down paddle rides at amusement parks.

    The drive comes from the peddling. But the rudder was from a stearing wheel.

    I watched this without sound.
    I was thinking in the start of the first vid, would be cool to ride that in Sydney Harbour.
    Next thing, the vid shows it at a place about two kms form where I used to live on Sydney Harbour. Bizarro.

    The second vid, had me thinking different thoughts about the attractive looking
    Italian woman I used to date, I digress...its got a very different appeal, kids watching.

    Cool concepts, in my pic, I see the rudder now from left hand, but what is he holding in right hand. I'll have to do some research to know...
    Thanks for sharing.
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    I believe he is 'texting'. :grin5:
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    I finally found a way to use a petrol MB legally in Australia...on the Ocean !!!
    Its would be a poor mans Jet Ski...I'm so doing this.
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    I think this design looks more fun to fit a motor to.

    Here's an easy drive setup for you.

    Hobie mirage drives are amazingly efficient, if you want to stick to pedal power and try something different. Expensive though.

    Here you can see they mimic fins on a fish.
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