The Wheelmaster is an artist!

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  1. augidog

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    jim, i'm very sorry it took so long to show this work of art off, i was hoping to be finished by now. folks, i'm not ready to talk about this "teaser" but y'all gotta see this wheel...drum-hub from a '78 roadmaster moped turned out to be a perfect match for this front wheel i've had for a while...basic steel rim, salvaged from a worn-out "dyno" coaster wheel...9-gauge spokes...and brilliant work getting a gebe-ring on there...
    MVC-007F.JPG Mvc-012f.jpg
    thank you, jim, The Wheelmaster :cool2:
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  2. DetonatorTuning

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    wow augidog that is indeed a serious wheel !!

    i'd say there must be some SERIOUS power in the wings to go with it eh ?!?

  3. augidog

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    hi, steve.

    'tell the truth, i'm trying the 49cc mits-clone (i intend to pack the tanaka40cc as a fail-safe), but that's far from the whole story...i have some SERIOUS riding ahead of me...i wanted wheels that would outlive me, weight be-durned. and, my gawd but i LOVE dual-drums! i'm only lurking the 'net lately, read-read-read'ing...the secret laboratory smells of brimstone and lucas, but i'm doing this for me & only me...i will present the final build, but then i'm scootin'...
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    Nice wheel! I've been kicking around a moped front hub....inspiration!