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    Hi my name is austin i am 25 years old i am currently engaged me and my fiance currently live in milwaukee wi and we both work but are soon looking to relocate back to her home state of south dakota. she doesnt ride and niether have but maybe once or twice on a friends motorized bicycle and it very much intrested me but so here is the thing come mid july this year me and my fiance will be relocating too south dakota and she will be flying but i decided whats better than to take a different approach and that is too purchase one and take the 560 mile trip alone from milwaukee wi to sioux falls south dakota on a motorized bicycle now i have found one and soon will be purchasing it. it is a 2 stroke skyhawk g5 66cc motor in mint condition already installed on the mint condition bike.. but i am here also looking to find other wisconsin riders and to find out some of the things i need to do before i embark on the trip also to find out if they know of any routes that are good to take on my way to south dakota also what problems have they may come across with police and any laws that may stop me in my tracks along the way also just other riders who could help me out in any way or meet me along the way and ride with me for alittle while as i pass through too south dakota...

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    I'm having a hard time trying to decide whether to encourage you or discourage you. This is an adventure, of course. And you really should embrace things like that while you're still young and have the chance. And you might well make it the entire distance without any troubles that you won't be able to handle.

    But you might have the sort of troubles that you can't handle. Being new to it and all. But you have two months to learn your bike. It's not much. But it might be enough to give you a notion of whether or not you can do 500 miles plus without any support.

    You might consider buying a whole engine kit and packing it right along with you. Sounds ridiculous? Maybe. But it means you'll have any spare part that you might need along the way. And there's a decent chance you'll need something. That's especially true with a new bike and kit.
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    I'm assuming this is a Happy Time engine kitted bike? If you can spend some time here doing research about these bikes as they often don't have a great reliability record, not saying yours doesn't. but, there is a precedent for going over the engine with a fine toothed comb, so to speak, and shaking out all the bugs that might occur. You could be in for some big leg powered adventures. Pay attention to the type of fuel and oil for premixing you use, I'd find high test non Ethanol gasoline and good quality synthetic blend specifically for air cooled engines. I'd also keep the engine at about half throttle for the majority of the trip. You will be bucking a headwind going this direction, so plan ahead. Has the bike's engine been broken in yet?
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    Welcome to the forum. I spent a summer day in Milwaukee last year and had a great time. Took a boat tour and later toured one of the Pabst mansions. I didn't tour the Harley museum because it was so nice outside. Maybe next time.
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    Wow, very Brave is all I have to say, a long trip like that on your own. I do a 70km trip (about 45 miles) and I pack a full tool kit etc.
    Very sound advise, you going to want to over plan like a boy scout. Also I would really recommend at least trying to rope in one friend to join you. You will not be traveling at great speed and the long road could get lonely. Also in case of any incident you will have someone to look out for you and visa versa.