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3:48 AM
Apr 30, 2008
Today just happened to be a very exceptional day. I've been riding my bike to school and have gotten many many questions from fellow students admiring the noisy contraption. They become really tuned in when I mention the incredible gas mileage. The pinacle of my day occured when I drove by a fellow cyclist. I killed the engine out of courtesy and was about to drive by, but the guy stopped me and noticed by bike engine.

He was in his 60's and it looked like he used his bike for a lot of commuting (front basket, 2 panniers, rear bike rack). The engine would most definitely help him get around if my assumptions are true.
I believe he was very impressed, so I got off my bike and explained to him how everything worked.
I unfortunatly had to rush home after work, but I pointed to the sticker on my tank and said it was a great resource of info if he was interested. Than after a simple nod good-bye, I was off.
4 people today stopped me. I carry little cards now with DAX's site,this site,my name being Large F and my bike's name.
The record in one day is 8.

Get used to it,Johnny.

Get used to it.
I go to PT twice a week and only mentioned it to several of the therapists. Now they're checking out all the MB websites for deals. Most of these guys are quitting this particular company for commuting reasons and are looking for cheaper alternatives. One is a down hill bike racer and simply likes the thrill of the idea. They already have jobs lined up on their side of the island. Gee, and I don't even have my own rig yet. :D