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    I'm thinking of getting myself a motorized bike, but I don't live in the greatest part of town. I don't want to make the investment if its just going to get stolen right off the bat. I was wondering what y'alls experience with bike security is.

    How major of a problem is theft with motorized bikes? What sort of protection measures do you take for you're bike? Any notable experiences with theft?

    Thanks for any responses.

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    There are a few bikes that get stolen, and I'm sure not just in the "ghettos" Although I don't have a problem about thieves around here (I had my bike in the front yard/driveway for most of the time. Although when I go to the store my son and I lock up our bikes together just in case. Although we don't leave them for a long time. Yes they are always a chance of being stolen. Since I live out in the county about 5 miles from downtown, and we are the only ones owning a bike, they either better live way away or don't let me catch them.
    OH, and I carry.
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    you can carry out in the open in alabama?
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    About three weeks ago I had my motorized stolen out of my garage between 10:30 and 11:am. I did not have it locked up. so from now on I will lock the new motorized bike where ever I go and use a good lock also. I think it should be locked to something stationary or the can just pick it up and carry it away.

    We thought we had a very good home owner insurance with Farmers but found because I had a motor installed on the bike they will not cover it.

    We do not live in a bad area so the bike can be stolen from any location.
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    CCR which I have one, in fact my wife has a CCR

    We don't have these dumb laws here.
    California[39][40] is a "may issue" state for concealed carry. A license to carry a concealed firearm may be issued or denied to qualified applicants at the discretion of the county sheriff or municipal police chief in their place of residence. [41][42] In practice, the attitudes of different sheriffs and police chiefs toward the issuance of permits vary widely and, consequentially, different jurisdictions in California can vary anywhere from de facto shall-issue to de facto no-issue.[43] A permit may be issued, by a county Sheriff or city Chief or head of municipal police, in one of two formats:[44]

    A license to carry concealed a pistol, revolver, or other firearm capable of being concealed upon the person.
    Where the population of the county is less than 200,000 persons according to the most recent federal decennial census, a license to carry loaded and exposed in that county a pistol, revolver, or other firearm capable of being concealed upon the person.

    California does not recognize any concealed carry permits issued by other states or their political subdivisions.[45]
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    just remember that they don't weigh much more than a regular bike and they are push-started without a key... so make sure you lock at least the FRAME to something stationary with a tough lock. I have a U lock and a cable lock-- when I can, I use the U lock to lock the frame to something and then use the cable lock to lock in the front wheel to the frame. If I am not able to lock the frame to something with the U lock, I use the U lock to lock the front wheel to the frame and then use the cable lock to lock the bike to something.

    The only bicycle I've ever had stolen was a crappy dirt bike stolen right from our garage back when I was a kid. It wasn't locked to anything.
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    Locks will only stop the "honest" theives. If a real theif wants to steal anything, a lock or an alarm isn't going to stop them.
    anything can be stolen from any area, good or bad. It makes no difference if you live in the ghetto or in an upscale subdivision with million dollar homes.
    if someone wants something bad enough, they're going to take it.
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    I heard a couple kids riding down my street saying, "That's my bike. I'm gonna get it." They rode a couple houses down and he kept talking, "Let's turn around and look at it." All the others were like, "Noooo....", not wanting to give up their 'position'.

    Anyway, I'm not worried about 'em. I have a pit bull in the backyard that will bark anytime anything in the yard moves.

    If I didn't have this dog, my bike would likely already be gone.

    I have the $10, 4-digit bike lock from Walmart. I used to always get keyed bike locks for quick access, but I've had a couple of times where 4-digit code saved my friends who needed to move it while I wasn't there. Very handy.

    Also, consider insurance. Call around to ALL the insurance companies. Better *and* lesser known. See if they'll insure the bike. Perhaps not even as a bike, but simply a "personal articles policy" like State Farm has. It's certainly worth spending a few minutes to ask questions about.
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    Meat patty laced with rat poison will nullify that dog.
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    straws are my new fear

    I've heard that straws and small strips of allum. are used by thieves to bypass a lot of bike locks...and this can be done in under a min...
    got me looking for a new lock.
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    Well... consider this:p

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