theres always a downside... is that an uphill slope to us?

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  1. HeadSmess

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    stupid bleeding stupid rotten freakin.....


    i ordered a new motor a few weeks ago. just for the joy of fixing up and mounting in a stingray... :whistling:

    :bowdown: the world, god, allah,vishnu... call him, them or it what you may, obviously had other plans :bowdown:

    arrives and its a 70 or whatever they are... :devilish:

    now, the engine i was running was fiiiiine.

    until the other night :shout:

    appears that part of the conpin circlip broke off after a nice 5000km of perfect running, and chewed my cylinder, rings, and piston, all to shreds!

    the ride home was 22km :)

    woooohoo he says! i gots a new motor anyways
    stuff it in. no probs. ran to work yesterday, fiiiiine.

    lunchtime buzzed home. only a few minutes away.

    way starts surging, sorta like its running outta fuel but NO! there it goes! then blaah, then yeah...

    look down, id used my old original carb.... :D lazy.

    BROKEN! snapped offf! she was kaput at the clamp!

    lol. anyways, get home at the end of the day... oi gots a new carby anyways :jester: :jester:

    fitted the new one, rejetted. even tweaked my dodgy old exhaust a bit to fit better. mmmm, tig welding :)

    jump on it this morning, blat blat blat off to work :D

    halfway there...a strange noise! a flash of bright orange sparks! a loud crackling noise! ima WTF!!!!!!!?!?!?!?

    my plug had popped its electrode!!!! good excuse for being late!

    got to work, fixed it up super dodgy with some epoxy and half an inch of nail.. :) sweeet. runs.

    got me home... all the time im looking down and watching the steel threaded section GLOWING RED HOT!!!! even was getting some detonation happening if i tried going too fast :D

    stupid dodgy chinese plug!

    but yeah. anyways. now i expect a flat tyre. real bad one. yup. theres gotta be something else to happen that will have me slowly making the long voyage home in silence :)

  2. wbuttry

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    sounds like my luck i always got some drama going on with my bike but it is always easy to fix
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    wow...i don't get it. everyone knocks buying engine kits from on line vendors and then people buy them from reputible dealers and they have more problems than i have ever had out of 4 engine kits that i bought from bgf.
    I know, bgf is not the manufacturer, but sometimes people knock buying engines from e-bay dealers because they are un-inspected and just drop shipped. I would venture to guess that the reputible dealers don't inspect them either...time is money.

    I'm telling you, in my opinion you're better off buying an engine kit from an e-bay dealer at a lower price and just deal with the poor customer service.
    Sure you can pay more money from a dealer who claims that their engines are superior to anyone elses, but in reality, you are getting the same engine kit that you would get from an e-bay dealer.
    Knocking customer service to the side for a many people actually use the customer service?
    I never have...never had a reason to, because the engines i have, are perfect.
    I hear of so many people buying "better" 2 stroke engine kits from reputible dealers and then they have a ton of trouble with them, and i read that A LOT here.
    My el-cheap-o bgf e-bay engines are going strong, not a lick of trouble out of any of them and the first one i bought is going on 4 years old, 4 seasons of riding it hard.
    I just don't get it...why spend $250.00 or more for the same exact engine that you can buy for a fraction of that off e-bay?
    sure, the vendors claim that they sell a better engine kit...but come on, those are just words trying to convince people to spend the extra money thinking they are getting a better engine.
    all of these engines are cheaply made, chinese throw aways....they aren't built to last 10,000 miles.
    on the other hand, if you take the time to replace the majority of the junk peices that come with these engine kits (nuts, bolts, head studs, washers, spark plug, plug wire, push together wire connections, and some of the gaskets )you'll end up with a better running, more dependable, longer lasting engine. sure, you have to run the right oil at the right mixture but that won't help if a ring decides to snap or a bearing decides to disintegrate itself because of the low quality.

    another thing that irritates me is incorrect installation of these engines. A lot of the time, an incorrect installation and a person who is in a hurry will lead to failures.
    and then they turn around and blame it on the engine.
    I just don't understand how so many people have so many problems with these engines because they aren't that difficult to figure out, and if some common sense and patience is used while building the bike, it can be made to last for quite a long time.
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  4. HeadSmess

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    this isnt a complaint about any engine as such, or even a plea for help... just an idle comment on the joys of life :)

    it goes back to my general philosophy of "dont bother planning anything cus itll just go wrong anyway"

    i think its an adaption of murphy's law :D

    the 2nd plug and head gasket blew the next morning btw :p
  5. motorpsycho

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    Oh i know....
    I was just reading what you posted and i went off on a tangent about things i see posted here sometimes.
    It was nothing against you at all.
  6. HeadSmess

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    ahhh, i felt as much. tangents are excellent things to travel on. getting lost is how one finds ones self... huh?

    well, at least ive had progress this weekend. a trolley for my welders! having an empty container, and a lot of tools in a complete mess in another one is sort of fun. im finding all these things i knew i had somewhere.... now theyre slowly finding homes :)

    shelving and organisation. and maybe some self discipline...

    which is whats lacking these days. self discipline. everyone just finds it too easy to give in. the generation of having it easy is a disgrace. people need some challenges to be people. else theyre just morons :) " b b b but mummy and daddy said i always did it so well!" tough. the real world says otherwise.

    i managed to move a shipping container with a 6t jack and a chainblock about 75 metres with no help from anyone. lots of advice and offers of help but when it came down to it, its easier to go ride motos...until they break down and guess who can fix them? well, sorry. im busy. cant you see? now f%& off :) cant even find a screwdriver let alone work on your moto for free...

    backscratches are great :) lucky im flexible :p

    anyways! a long ride today resulted in...nothing :( no mishaps. no accidents. im totally jinxing myself here :jester:

    might take that extra muffler off though. it causes some hella nasty vibrations... no wonder, dangling all the way out where it is now...
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  7. retromike3

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    do you still have your old top end?

    it seems that if you kept your old parts than it would be a quick fix to replace the new head (the one with the blown out spark plug) and replace it with the old one from the dead cylinder(I had the same thing happen to me on my first engine)

    I did keep all of my old parts from the first two kits and I am glad I did, because I am using some parts from the first two to keep the one I have left still going. I think when I get a little more cash together I will order anther 66cc spare engine (Just in case).