theseTucson JERKS. does this happen where you live?


Apr 24, 2007
I couldnt get my phone out in time to snap a pic when these two Jagovasaurs:
were 4 and 5 car lenghts back. But you get the idea. (i got error on page, so i have to link the photo)
cars routinely slide over into the bike lane when turning right. i dont mean when they're up to the corner, i mean they will jump over and SIT THERE until traffic starts moving and they can get up to the turn. i gotta hand it to these two, its the first time i've seen them actually MOVE up to the corner instead of just sitting there half a block back..
the auto-censor wont let me replay my tantrums, but rest assured its "F!U!" and "WTF r u doing?!" with plenty of hand gestures.
they actually think they're 'helping' the flow of traffic along, or something.
i've made contact with 5 cars now, 2 of those are when they jumped into MY lane.
i've never EVER seen this anyplace else i've lived. does this occur in your world, or just mine?



We have no bicycle lanes here. You should feel at least lucky for that.


A guy almost ran me over because I was bikeing in the right hand part of the lane and he decided he had enough room to pass me without moving over to the left lane. He came within 3 inchs of my handlebar. From now on I hog the whole lane and put myself right in the middle. We don't have bike lanes here.


You make a good point also made by the late Sheldon Brown. I've often observed, hugging the right edge of the road will encourage the incredibly stupid among us to pass when there is no room. I'm always amazed at WHAT the state will issue a drivers license to. Also, please remember, ignorance is a correctable state, STUPID is forever.

Large Filipino

Dude. Go here.
Scroll down to City Counsel. Get that e-mail address.
E-mail them with your complaint and send in that picture.
Look at how clear that plate is.
At the very least this concern will be looked at and counselmembers are usually good with writing you back with what's to be done and will guide you in the right direction. I don't know if the police would actually track down the !@#&^$ but they should.
You got the plate number. It shouldn't be too hard for them to track this down.
(edit) Naw. Plate not clear at all. But nevertheless tell them where this was shot and maybe a police cruiser may start handing out tickets there.
Believe me. This works. There's a stop sign down the street that no one seemed to mind for it stops for one side street. A neighbor complained to her city counsel about it and bought a cop to that corner handing out tickets to everyone (myself included) and now everyone stops there. The cop still hangs there every now and then. It's been going on two years now.
So this way of dealing with this is really simple. Counsel person looks really good to your eyes and you'll probably vote for him/her on their next term they hope,more money is generated to the state and !@#*% drivers pay with their wallets. Epic win everywhere.
Here's a direct link. It looks like a better link actually:
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