"They call me the breeze..."

Once again I can't thank everyone enough for all their help with this bike. :DPainting techniques, chain alighnment, springer forks and engine mounting. I had to clean out my PM box twice with all the advice I was given.
I had planned on getting springers before the forks hit the mail box. The head set got lost in the wreck so I ordered a new set wich didn't fit. So the Disney Princess' lost their head:eek: for a good cause and a perfect fit.

The frame made for difficult installation so I welded a front spacer.
I put the CDI up high and ran extra wire then used the heat shrink wire wrap for a clean look. Showing off my Texas pride too. And last but not least please welcome the newest MBc rider Duke.

I know how closely everyone looks at details. The chain is loose the threads on the tensioner are stripped and Dax and Spooky are out for several weeks.


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Your local hardware or machinery supply should have the correct (& better quality) bolt for your tensioner. I believe they are called "shoulder bolts" .

does Duke enjoy the ride??


Duke is nervous to begin with but he seems to enjoy it. When I get the harness, he starts jumping and running around. I think he's happy just to be with me. We go to several parks and play ball.
I got the paint at auto-zone and used contact paper to make the patterns I traced from the bike's white stripes. Topped it off with clear coat. It took several attempts.
Thanks again, I'm really proud of it. Off to get mirrors.
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Something about dogs and bikes. Both look happy. Nice ride and love the Tejano touch.


point proven

srdavo! my hat is off to you.:D I ran up to Lowes and found the bolt. Dang it's sweet and smooth. My most heart felt gratitude.
My ex's uncle told me how to get the pressed on bearing off the old bolt, by putting the head of the bolt in a snug vise and tap it out. 2 taps and it was free.

I totally dig the forks, I have not noticed any of the bonejarring bumps that I get from my other MB. I have to be honest and say I don't know if I'm so freaking happy that it together and running, that I don't notice the vibration and the texture of the road like I did w/o springers, if it's the cruiser frame, different motor or everything combined, but it's a smooth ride. I like it and when the Sun comes up tomorrow morning, I'll be in longjohns hunting pants and my leather bomber chasing the darkness away.

I did have to go a totally different way with the front brakes than what I wanted, but I learned a great deal in the process. You know it's funny my ex came over this morning and I put new pads on the front brakes. I could have done it with my eye's closed. But I'm so paranoid about the brakes on my bike. I mean a 30 pound MB with a 130 lbs rider or a 2000 lbs car going 60. You'd think I'd worry about the car more.
I'd be happy to help you with yours Alesterfeind it's an easy install. (now that I've done it once. It would be fun after another 30 mile trip and a cold one.:D

You know, I have not had a bike since I got my driver's license 22 years ago. I got black with gold wheels mongoose dirt bike for Christmas when I was 12. I rode the heck out of that bike and never had to work on it. Now here I am at 38 learning so much.

Dan, comming from you, I take that highly as a compliment. Ask Alesterfiend, my first paint job was rather crummy. You were one of the guys I had asked about painting. You create awesome art work. It would be fun to sit in the corner of your garage in a la-z-boy with a small stocked fridge and watch you build bikes.:cool:
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...It would be fun to sit in the corner of your garage in a la-z-boy with a small stocked fridge and watch you build bikes.:cool:

The shop door is always open and the beer fridge is always full. You can sit on the couch and watch TV too, if ya want...you'll have to dust off the couch though:D