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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by linnix13, Mar 6, 2009.

  1. linnix13

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    i have the cheap chinese 2-stroke 80cc from ebay and it does around 60kph. i have riden 25000km without a single problem. i havnt done anything but lube the chain and clutch gears for that 2500km. it is running way too good, its fast torquy and reliable. to good for only 130 bucks. so what will happen? what should i expect? i ride way away from home. will the crank break off? will it explode? will it catch fire? or will it just peacfully die? how long do these engines run for, and how do they die when they reach there end. do they snap a rod or just loose compression and fail to have any power? thanks guys!:grin5:

  2. w31john

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    just keep on riding it and enjoy, that's what i do!!! :D
  3. BirthNight

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    That is great news - I'm in the process of doing my first bike engine installation - chinese 2 stroke 80cc (80cc = 66cc) :) I'm so happy to hear that yours is treating you so well! Ride on dude! Any pictures???
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  4. Mountainman

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    a little rich -- heck with Al Gore !!!

    hard to say -- hard to say
    my buddy got not many miles at all before experiencing troubles
    and some here claim over 5 thousand miles trouble free

    keep oil in that thing -- a little rich -- heck with Al Gore !!!

    ride the motor bike thing
  5. fetor56

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    2,500Km or 25,000Km....i'll assume u mean 2,500.
    To answer your question it'll last as long as it lasts.....look after it cos you've got a good engine there,& when it eventually does die give it a Viking Funeral.
  6. linnix13

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    2,500km my bad:sweatdrop:
  7. Mountainman

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    hey linnix13

    ride the heck out of that thing with plenty of oil and let us know what you do get

    remember on big down hills even though your MB will go very fast
    only go as fast down hill as on the level
    and keep a little gas going into engine even while going down hill -- it lubes the engine

    ride the motor bike thing
  8. fm2200

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    mountainman is right about the downhill stuff. my only recommendation is not to wind the **** out of it, keep the vibration (if you have any, most do) down to minimum. if you ride with no regards to vibration the engines life will be shortened. good luck with it
  9. linnix13

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    it used to have ridiculous amount of vibration at 45+kph but then i replaced my plug and loosened my chain and now it will hit 60kph without any vibration. only downhill though it does around 40 on flat ground. but there is no vibration at all and the engine seems smooth.
  10. augidog

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    "80cc" is actually about 65cc, as most dealers are now admitting.

    all the HT's have the same stroke, but different bore...for some reason, the (constant) port-timing seems ideal for this bore size.

    we ran a sample 65cc up here once, did 37+mph (44t) right out of the box...i mean it wuz sca-reamin'! almost right away, we knew what to blew itself to pieces in under 300 miles...the typical "needle-bearing-embedded-in-the-cylinder-wall" trick...we eventually deduced that not enuff lube gets to the underside of the HT piston.

    use 20:1, and be as conservative as is possible for you.
  11. linnix13

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    yeah i broke it in on 14:1 and im still skeptical about the 20:1 i run it on now, i mean there is little to no smoke coming out the exhaust but im positive its 20:1. would using higher octain gas and more expensive synthetic oils doo any different? ive come 2500km on the original spark plug and standard 84 octain shell gas with the 4 bucks a half liter oil. also how do these engines fail? when it goes on me will it just loose compression like my old honda motors, or will it explode causing me to crash and most likely die?(sarcasm)
  12. spad4me

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    Once in a while a hapy time engine will live a long time.
    Dont change anything.

    I know of a only handful of happy time engines as reliable. as you describe.
    I broke mine in with about the same amount of oil. cant say for the others.
    Gas tank fuel lines and the chain killed me.
    Some small mods needle, mouse can muffle,r large air filte, and gas filter, sparkplug, with good wire.

    Latest fix is a tuned pipe to try the exhaust.
    It now passes traffic that used to pass me.
    drilled out the jet slightly. too
    I havent ported it yet.

    After about 15 months of daily use ( about 2 hours a day continuous, or not, at random) the engine compression is still so high it will stall you trying to start it cold.
    You better be going downhill when you try to start my happy time when the engine is cold.
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  13. linnix13

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    what i found works great for the awful exhaust was drill one 1/4th" hole on the very bottom of the baffle next to the original pipe. it makes the engine slightly deeper and you can hear the exhaust escaping so its more poppy. like popatapopatatata. so its not to loud but wow is it faster, well torquer. it has alot more torque and therefore it reaches the top end faster. who knew a small hole would do that? and it leaves enough backpresure to run well. but i hope my engine works good for along time to go, i dont mine rebuilding it because i found new pistons and cylenders online real cheap, aslong as the bottom end doesnt go because they dont have replacment cranks.
  14. spad4me

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    What your using is called a moouse can muffler

    Look here for inspiration

    I just installed a tuned pipe very nice.
  15. linnix13

    linnix13 Member

    but i still used the original muffler. all i did was make a small hole?
  16. spad4me

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    I started with a small hole then. I cut off the tube on both sides of the muffler end cap. Then finally a mouse can then, after a about year a tuned pipe soon to be ported
    I figure I broke it in up till now. LOL
  17. augidog

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    IF this happens to yer HT, there will be an audible period where the roller-cage is falling apart...sometimes, you'll have enough warning to shut it down & do a repair...sometimes not.

    if a roller gets loose and winds up in the chamber, she can freeze like a won't die, just pull in the clutch :cool2:
  18. linnix13

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    so HT engines have bearings in them? i thought there were only bushings. so when the bearings or roller cage as you call them begin to go i jut kill the engine, pedal home and buy a new set and replace them? this is what you talking about right
    not htose exact ones but that type of bearing in general
  19. augidog

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    yup, them's the ones...

    bushing engines had the same oiling problem, but you could run that bushing down to paper-thin without any other damage in most a new one, off ya go.

    kind of a tough call, the bearings are the obvious answer when they hang in there, but the bushings didn't cost as much in the long run.
  20. linnix13

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    so how will i know if i have bearings or bushings without ripping it apart?