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  1. geebt48cc

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    Hey there guys,

    Uno, we talk on here about all of the problems that are always happening on these 2/stroke wonders?! Ok, just to put a better prospective on it, tell me the good points of these engines?

    I'll start.............I'm 255lbs, and my 66cc has never caused any issues standing now at 650 miles. Also, I live with many hills all around in SW Va.

    ..............Ok, I'm waiting? 11110.jpg

  2. PhilH

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    Gas mileage. It took me forever to refill a 1-liter tank.

    Never be caught in traffic. If the road is jammed, just turn off the engine and pedal the bike on the sidewalk.

    Small, easy, and inexpensive to maintain (unlike those sluggish, moody V-Twin that takes up half the space of an SUV...)

    No license / insurance needed.

    Fun fun fun!
  3. Fabian

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    They are easy to work on.
    They are physically compact and stealthy in that they can't be readily seen from behind the bike, unlike a 4-stroke.
    They are relatively light weight and give excellent stability as the engine is a centre mount design, keeping the centre of gravity where it should be.
    They provide good power for their weight.
    They respond well to tuning options and accessory parts.
    They are a tour-de-force when combined with a SickBikeParts shift kit.
    They are surprisingly reliable with the newer crowded roller connecting rod bearing and the much improved Jaguar CDI
    There are a multitude of accessory and upgrade parts available; growing by the day.
    They can be repaired relatively easily and quickly on the side of the road; no specialised tools being required to access and replace top end internal components.
    They have a reliable drive system, unlike a friction drive, where the drive roller slips in the wet and just about any other situation where tractive reliability is demanded from the system.
  4. Purple Haze

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    Ditto to all that Phil & Fabian said, plus I love the WOW! factor. I love seeing the envy and anger on the faces of the Harley guys when everyone is ignoring their high-dollar bikes and admiring my low-buck creation.
  5. Fabian

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    Completely agree with your assertion Purple Haze.

    The same goes for guys (and some girls) on mega dollar high end mountain bikes in the $8,000+ range.
    Their massive envy issues are equally matched to their massively pretentious attitude and colour coordinated bicycle and cycling clothing.
    At a popular cycling trail i've almost been involved in fisty cuffs (and on that day i wish i was given the opportunity to defend myself) with a guy on a mega dollar mountain bike, who was being eaten up inside, because no one gave two sh*ts about his bike when my bike and trailer assembly got more than the lions share of attention from everyone at the cafe.

    When i went to use the mens rest room, this guy followed; out paced my steps; stood in front of me and demanded that i remove my bike from the cafe as it "did not belong".
    I tried to sidestep but he continued to block my path. I then mentioned that further action on his behalf would result in the opportunity to resolve issues the old fashioned way, if he didn't leave me be.

    Strange thing is that the more people spend on high end push bikes, the less they smile and the less happy they seem to be.
    It's a completely different sentiment when riding a motorized bicycle because you "always" have a smile on your face; almost requiring it to be surgically removed after reaching the top of a nasty steep hill climb.
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    " and demanded that i remove my bike from the cafe as it "did not belong".

    Some people are just idiots I guess. and I have to agree with the smile being surgically removed LMAO.

  7. wheelbender6

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    I like the way that the engine displacement is not visible on the engine.
  8. thearcticfisherman

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    and how I got 176 miles out of my last gallon