Things you wish you done the first time.

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After finishing your frame mounted engines is there anything you wished you had done differently? One thing I will be redoing is mounting the engine again using rubber mounts so the vibrations are less.
I'm hoping this thread may help new/exsisting builders of new motored bikes. ;)
using a rubber mounting gasket reduces the risk of frame brackage. I found out after i removed my engine how much the vibratiopn digs into your frame and i found that my frame was wearing thru so i mounted some rubber inside my mounts to save the frame to avoid breackage. a good tip.
I needed to put something under the frame mounts because my frame has a one inch down tube. Originally I used bits of inner tube, but the vibration wore through the inner tube, so I replaced it with some stiffish leather that was lying around the shop, and it has lasted longer than the rubber.
I'm planning to use rubber mounts from tree stakes, they look very durable. :)
I originally put my dax on a large tube cruiser with coaster brakes.

Lessons learned-
A coaster brake is not enough to stop a 250 lb rider doing 30. I ate up the brake, broke spokes and suffered constantly from wheel deflection, reulting in torn up tires from rubbing on the chain
Rim brakes are the way to go as the whole spoke issue and deflection issues are gone.

mounting issues
I had a 1-1/4" tube to mount to, so I used a stainless steel mineralac strap (a common support for electrical conduit) and some dense rubber originally used for isolation of transformers.
Great idea, but the motor rotated horribly on the frame resulting in poor alignment and gear box jams of the chain.
go with a frame that fits the motor out of the box. Easier, better fit solid connection, and no slippage. Mostly this means an older frame, but hey
you can still dress out in any fashion.

Throttle assembly-

the most dangerous part of the entire concept IMO. Does not fit standard handlebars, it hangs off the end giving a false sense of attachment to the bar. This need work!
I traded it out for a stubby brake lever mounted like a thumb throttle. I feel way better and safer. I know you can also try a twist shifter by taking out the ratchet function and crimping an end for the carb, but whatever you do, get rid of the stocker throttle.

Other tips
constanly monitor torque of all bolts!!!!!!! I believe during break in, you need to wear a shirt that asks following traffic to honk if parts come off. :eek:
I was like a 5 year old at 5am Christmas Morning when the FedEx guy handed me my package. :eek:
I would have taken more time, worked slower. Not used a pneumatic gun. I wish I had scrolled all the way down on Dax's web site to see the assembly pics of the carb slide.(Broke the cable) Most of all I wish i had known about MBc.
My second bike, I took almost a week. Did a lot of sitting, looking, thinking and reading here. It really paid off inspite of the fact that I had already built one.:cool:

Going slow in the build gets you going fast on the bike.
The best advice I can give, .....

Read every tip and thread on this website.

I have (well most of them anyway) :p

Its mde the task much easier

I think the best advice I can think of is take your time and build the machine as if the most precious thing in your world is going to be riding it...

then check everything again... :D

On my old bike I made lots of mistakes - more to the point I hurried and didnt really know what I was doing.

On this one I was alot more careful and the tips on here were invaluable :)

Jemma xx
"Other tips
constanly monitor torque of all bolts!!!!!!! I believe during break in, you need to wear a shirt that asks following traffic to honk if parts come off. "

LOL Gottmore! 2 true.
I'm still finding parts; washers, nuts and various bike parts on the side of the road from my first build with the happy more happy time for me since the gebe rack mount and haven't lost the first nut yet.
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