think i solved vertical shaft problem

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    even though i am not a vendor i am a tinkerer/mechanic, if you look at a bent shaft weedeater /whippersnipper, you think how would they make it bent?

    most companies use a cable, like 1/2' steel cable or sumthing, if you had a vertical shaft lawnmower engine, then you just get some cable, make a sheath, and then attach to thing you need driven, you guys could or probably have tried this b4 and could improve, but i thought id bring it up anywayz, i put this thread in the products forum cuz you guys could sell ity or mas production or advice for ppl with wanna b go karts but have no engine... you get wat i mean

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    Interesting, but a 3.5-6hp vertical shaft engine has a LOT more power and instant torque than a high rpm weeder/ bike motor. The shaft would have to be shortened and some way a heavy duty spring/cable would have to be used, and it may have fatigue problems or heat generation.

    I want to build a 3.5 automatic choke Briggs vintage engine bike.

    I plan to mount a rack behind the rear wheel, at about hub level, and use a BMX rim welded or riveted to a duplicate rim, which is laced normally and dished. Then I would use an adjustable pulley from a tractor repair shop and a belt. Tension would be accomplished by having 2 of the support arms be adjustable length or have multiple holes for the wheel axle. Common v belts from the auto store ought to do it.

    If you are really brave you could figure a way to use an unlaced bike hub and freewheel as a jackshaft for chain drive & drive pully for the short belt.
    If you used a fixed sprocket track hub, you could pedal start the bike but would rely on a kill switch to slow or stop the bike when braking.