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    In my neverending quest for mental exercise, I came up with a couple of doosies.
    I have had a new 12-1/2hp Tecumseh vertical drive motor with electric start sitting in the shed for years. I also had accumulated most of a riding lawnmower in parts for it with no interest in doing it..
    I stumbled on a right angle gearbox of about 1:1 and wheels turned. If the motor was mounted in the mower frame and my Comet VST connected to the right angle box, I would have a horizontal shaft to drive my Cushman wheel and am not too sure the hood wouldn't provide most of a scooter body with a seat inset into it. I think I even have 2 hoods,so maybe both ends of a bod are there. A swing arm could be mounted on flange bearings on the sides of the chassis. Just about any coilover could be used to spring it. I have gobs of surplus 16 ga. left from the Lotus 7 clone build that would supply the front assembly. An outboard lower unit would also provide a right angle drive so a vertical motor can be used.

    The other idea is a Zero Max speed reducer I have somewhere in the shop. It is a wierd thing that drives the output shaft from nothing to 1:1 in the same direction regardless of the input direction. It's done by a bunch of fingers that I have long since forgotten the principle of. It could be driven about 6:1 by the engine using a freewheeling device and no clutch would be necessary, just zero it out to sit. Use a twistgrip for the ratio control. A Vickers hydraulic transmission would do the same if you could afford it. I had one once and was going to build my son a powered unicycle with it but never did. It will go to 1:1 in either direction.:idea: