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3:11 AM
May 18, 2008
Perth, Australia
Well i got a spindle drive and since put a rubber tube over the alu spindle as the knurling wore off, i cant get the bloody thing going now, i can kick start it and rev it all i like when the wheels off the ground, as soon as i try ride it and it has all that other torque load on it it wont kick, i can get it to run for about 30secs then it dies once i slow down and i cant get it started again. I dont no if i need more grip on the spindle or less, i tried re tuning the carby but that didnt do anything. Im also thinking that the bigger spindle is just to much load on the motor.

Im thinking it may be easier to go chain driven, im thinking of getting a motored bike sprocket of ebay then weld or something another one onto the shaft of the motor, my question now is wat size do i need for it to run well. I see some people just have a chainsaw engine,then a little sprocket on the motor then a 55T or something on the bike. My motor is a Ryobi Scorpion King 30CC Whipper Snipper engine.

Please help me, i dunno what to do.


From Brendon.v
Do you have a clutch of any kind? With a chain drive,that's a must. Also switching from friction to chain will drastically change your gearing to be taller. You'll need to gear down by either getting a huge wheel sprocket or a geared down gear box to go with your engine.
i dont have a clutch no, if figured it out and its gonna cost me about 50 bucks for the conversion so it may not be an option, im gonna try get this bloody thing working just donno where to look. The spark plug is fine, the fuel flow is fine, the carby is all tuned fine because it does run fine when i have it on the stand with the wheel off the ground its just when i have it running it on the ground its just the motor doesnt have enough torque to keep kicking over.

Ill try play around with tire pressure and see how that goes, ive messed around with the carby low settings so ive probably screwed that up, i was so fed up with it i was just screwing it any way lol. Now with the rubber on the spindle its diameter is 4cm, thats the biggest if heard of lol. I got the rubber for free coz my dads friend owns the store so if the rubber just isnt gonna work ill take it all off and get it back to the raw spindle and get some JB Weld and mix it with sand.

What should i check, it could really only be the spindle as it does work with no load just doesnt with. Should i get a file and make knurling on the rubber? After i played with tire pressure and everything else of course.

Anyway Cheers,

From Brendon.v
The tire roller is aluminum? It you have a dremel, use a cutting wheel to cross hatch the surface of the roller in a spiral pattern, cutting in maybe an eighth of an inch. If you haven't got a dremel tool, use a small triangular file, if you have the patience.

You identified the problem already - the knurling has worn off. Re-knurl it.
Pardon me,

But approximately how many miles can one expect to ride before the majority of the knurling wears off? These are $30-$35 parts, yes?
that totally depends on the materials used. if i was home-building a roller, i think i could rummage thru the drawers at "jack's" hardware (our local guys) and come in way under $30 :cool:
Ill try knurl the rubber and if the motor just doesnt want to kick over ill take it off and re knurl the spindle with a file. The spindle was made on a lathe. I could also get some JB Weld and mix it with sand n smear that over the spindle, but im worried it might sand paper my tire as well.