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    Hello, I have been wanting a motorized bike for a while,but I,m not sure wich way to go. I am a large guy-6 ft 250 lbs. I know I want a beach cruiser and I want gears.I have some fabrication ability,so I am thinking about a 4 stroke with a jackshaft I have a very nice Schwinn riverside seven speed for this project. Or I can simply go witht an old cruiser and make it direct drive. But then my size comes into play. What do you guys think.I really like the idea of gears as the area I live does have some hills . Maybe an old 3 spd cruiserbut then I wonder about the hub holding up as I broke them pretty easily when

    Will an old cruiser 3 spd work with a jackshaft? I want to build a bike strong enough for my size,6 ft 250 lbs,and be able to run up some small hills. I am pretty sure it will be a 4 stroke of some kind. I do have a 79 cc HF motor that has never been used. But I could also buy 1 of the smaller 4 strokes. I know I want gears so a jack shaft will be in the mix somehow. Any suggestions on what kind of bike I should build. lso, if using a jackshaft, How do I get a duel chain ring on the bike without spending a fortune.? Are there any prefabricated setups I can buy. or any info on how to make 1? Thanks.


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    I would build your motorbike in stock form, and keep it that way until broken-in. Add the shift kit after you have learned to deal with the quirks of a motorized bike. The shift kit requires adjustment and tinkering as well.