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  1. anthony1973

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    I honestly have started to fall In love with aluminum.Goes through my head every day and I work as a die cast operator melting aluminum.I am gonna look up the 2 composition grades specific names and post them on here tonight.One has more silicone than the other and easier to pour In molds.I got to thinking about pouring ht parts and making a custom aluminum engine body with thicker plates and parts.I will post more later.Gotta work right now.

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    sounds cool!
  3. wheelbender6

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    You could make engine side covers that resemble V8 valve covers.
  4. GearNut

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    You could cast engine mounts in custom sizes.
    It would not be hard to make up a jig to drill the bolt holes.
  5. anthony1973

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    I am back from another night of fire and molten aluminum.One grade Is 390.And I don't know the other.Forgot to look It up.I'll find out tomorrow.Anyways I am considering making a mold of a cylinder body If only I could find someone to do a nikosil job or sleeve job.And I have considered everyone's Ideas on here.I will In a week or so try to make a mold being dies are way too expensive and used for fast production of multiple pieces.I just wanna build one set and molds are perfect for this.
  6. GearNut

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    LA sleeve will do a sleeve job for you. You will have to do the porting before they will do it though. They will match the ports in the sleeve to your port job.
    I can only suggest searching the internet for a Nickasil company. I wish I could help you more on that one.
  7. anthony1973

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    Just an Idea I have In case parts get banned down the road.And I may decide to try It.Depends on the cost.I work there but I get nothing cheap myself off this place.I thought about just running a mold and mocking the whole thing down to the ports and then use a polishing air tool ti clean up the ports and cylinder.I am still confused about the fins.Should I go thicker or stay the same size as the cylinder I am casting.I am not a machinist just a tool and die operator.I do know a machinist at work though.Maybe he can help me out.
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    Good to know gearnut.Thank you for the lead.