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I'm thinking about building another bike . This one will be a custom chopper . Something like TWalkers bike. That is far too cool. I'm in search of someone to weld up a new frame if anybody knows of a shop that does good work let me know. As for the bike I'm riding now I think I'll install either a trike kit or a custom sidecar. The sidecar idea is what I'm leaning toward. I have seen one for sale but it was very expensive and was designed as a kid carryer and unable to carry much weight. i need one that would carry at least 120 lbs or so . And last of all does anybody know of a hop up kit for an 80cc. ??? Maybe a polished intake and a carb kit??? Head kit?? Any Ideas???The way I see it theres always room for jel---Horse power................ Tom in W.V.


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Aug 4, 2006
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I think a bike like TWalkers would be way cool. I always wonder about how to get more power from that little engine. I think a cusom exhaust would help, the ones that get really fat then skinny again like you see on 2-stroke dirtbikes. Also, I always wonder how you could get some sort of gears for the motor like a transmission, because that would help a lot too.


i built my sidecar myself and welded it to my bike the only real problem ive had with it is the coasterbreak axle bent when me and my friend were riding it. even with my friend in it we were going about 30 threw this park but i had to lock up the breaks im pretty sure thats why its bent but its not a big problem it just sounds weird now. another problem that ive been having is how i mounted the forks for the 3rd wheel it flexes just a little when you do sharp turns. some times it just tacos the rim. ive gone threw about 4 of them.

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TWalkers bike looks like a stretch limo cruiser frame. You can just buy those no custom welding required.