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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by DannyDodge, Aug 2, 2007.

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  1. DannyDodge

    DannyDodge Guest

    a guy at the local car wash has a beach cruiser with a thatsdax engine and its awsome

    i got 2 pocket bikes to sell but im thinkin of get the thatdax motor kit
    and a bike i found on the local craigslist

    im thinking of getting the monark *second bike in picture* he wants a hundred for it so i dunno and its a 24 inch and i dnot know if thats gonna be 2 small for my fat *** but i def want a older bike, doing it up hotrod style for carshows

    what you guys think 100 bills good for that bike?

    or i might go this route with a new bike for 70 buck to save money

    i was also told that they can be street legal so thats also why im interested in these

    but in short im hyped!
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  2. locoWelder

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    Welcome to MBc ! Danny :rolleyes:
  3. Welcome:eek:

    I'd go the new one as it looks like you'd get that up an running quicker:D
  4. Jim H

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  5. azbill

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    welcome, dannydodge, to MBc !:D
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    Welcome to the group!
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    Welcome to MBc, dannydodge!!
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    Huffy Cranbroke.I motorized one of those. Re-enforce the fenders or you will be sorry, it does look good though. I used some of that strapping metal that plumbers use to secure pipes and cut little slits with a dremel they break right there where they attach to the frame. Maybe this should be taken to the technical area.
  9. Fenders

    Cranbrook fenders coulda cost me my job. I built one of these 69.7cc'ers for my bos he came back with some battle scars he did. lucky enough he was cool put on a new front wheel and took off ha ha he had to be bleeding. man cool bike but he had to switch to plastic fenders. Oh that 24" probably a tight fit but man thatd be the bike. Plus I was wondering where to find a springer front end for a Schwinn Heavey Duti? Oh Welcome Mister.
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  10. Welcome.

    That is a nice old bike, but the price is steep for the condition it is in. I suggest buying the newer bike and get up and running and keep and eye open for a better deal on an old bike.