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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by InfoCentral, Oct 20, 2008.

  1. InfoCentral

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    I'm thinking about buying a NE5 if they are still selling them and if they are worth getting. I have heard the new Whizzer's aren't very good. :shock:

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    Welcome to MBc, InfoCentral! The NE5 is now out of production (a very bad decision by Whizzer in my opinion), but you can still find them at some dealers and on eBay. If you buy a used one, you would be better off getting a 2005 through 2007 NE5. Some of these bikes will still need modification to stay trouble-free. It is important to make sure the engine is fitted with mushroom lifters to prevent some very costly repairs. Try to stay away from the 1999 through 2004 WC1 models unless you get one for a bargain basement price. I say this because you will need to spend over $400 for an upgrade kit for the engine to avoid having problems. However, I have heard through the grapevine that the upgrade kits are no longer being made, and the supply of these kits will ultimately dry up.
    I don't mean to chase you away from a Whizzer, because they are great bikes. I really, really like my 2005 NE5. You just have to tweak them a bit, and then you'll have a nice reliable and fun ride.
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    Hello and welcome InfoCentral. Good luck to ya what ever you come up with.
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    Geesh...I talked to a dealer here in California and he told me that the Ambassador wasn't able to pass the CA smog requirements and he was sold out of the NE5's but should be getting the new model in October. I was going to call he back this month and see. He said that they were going to take some of the Ambassador parts and put them on the NE5 perhaps a new model the NE6?
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    Hey InfoCentral

    My dealer talked to his distributor today (at my request), and was told that next month a new Whizzer, labeled the "NE-R" will be coming out.

    For more info, see my post in the General Discussion forum.

  6. InfoCentral

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    That must be what he was talking about. He said something about combining the two together to produce a better version of the NE5. He said it was going to have to be a wait and see what they came up with.