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    I originally joined to seek advice on my happy time motor. It has a lot of problems, mostly started by the unresearched mounting job I did 8 months ago. Ive gotten alot of miles from it and it is the funest thing I have ever done, repair wise and upgrade wise and riding wise. Unfortunately Im back because my carb started leaking like crazy and realized I never posted in this section. I am pretty sure no matter what I do to the engine I cant get it back up to past 40% power and the vibrations are horribly (had wrist pain for weeks!) now I convinced my friends to get the HT motors and they found some on ebay for 180 including shipping. so I hope to show them a thing about proper mounting now that I have gone threw it the hard way. Check out for some awesome instruction. and now that Im motor bicycle handicapped I was thinking about a 4 cycle grubee which is about 380 I think. If anyone has any thoughts about this please tell me because I really haven't seen or heard that much about them. Also any suggestions on motors beside the grubee 4cycle would be very appreciated.

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    Regarding the Grubee, several of us have them. Manu use the Huasheng engine which is a clone of the Honda GXH50 engine. It seems that in general, that is a good engine. Some of us have the Honda. I have the Honda and have noting but good things to say. Go down to the 4 stroke section, you will find numerous threads about the Grubee- and some others too.
  3. Any 4 stroke is teh rule for you can go to the pumps and wow everybody with your guru skills.