Thinking of buying a new Whizzer? Think Again.

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    I am not one to complain but this info may help someone who thinks they want a new Whizzer. I bought my 2007 model NE5 in '08. I have put 650 miles on it. I have spent more time working on it than riding. Here is a sample of what I mean. Before I had 50 miles on the bike here is what happened; Oil leak at the comp release. The head gasket was leaking. The head had never been machined flat and the top of the cylinder was not flat by about .005" The bolts in the fenders rubbed the tires. The cast arm that supports the clutch shaft had to be machined so the belt pulleys would line up. I think it was out by about .125". The front axle was too short and the threads were stripped from the factory. The rear drive pulley had a lot of runout and had to be straightened. All this and the bike had less than 50 miles on it. Over the next few hundred miles misc. nuts and bolts would fall off. The whole air filter assembly parted company with the carb and went skipping down the road. The brakes are a joke, just hope you don't have to stop quickly. Oil still leaks from the compression release and the breather tube. I had the head off several times until I realized what was causing it to leak. I sent the engine back to Whizzer under warranty. They had it for six months and sent it back to me in pieces. They lost their mechanic. They did however give me a new cylinder. When I was putting it back together I saw that the piston was scored. This was at about 550 miles. Next gas started pouring out of the carb. I had to adjust the float. Now at about 650 miles the engine cuts in and out sometimes like it is not getting gas or the ignition is failing. This bike is unreliable and I wont ride it father than I feel like pushing it home. It is for sale, $1000.00. Anyone interested?

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    Did Mister Guenther Have Any Thing To Say About This Fine Product
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    They can be made right

    Well Whizzer USA is not selling new bikes and has not been for a while now. The manufacturing engineer over in Taiwan really screwed things up for the company. If you think a Whizzer will be perfect right out of the box you are in for a big surprise however with money and work they can be made very good. It is no secret that the late model Whizzers need work to make them right. 1999-2004 needed an entire cylinder upgrade to make the engines last more than 600 miles. 2005-2009 all needed many things to make them right too. My 2000 needed about $500 in parts and upgrades to make it right and now I will put it up against any motored bike out there. It is fast, reliable, and looks good too. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

    The pictures are before and after some of the upgrades. I also have Worksman wheels which are much better than the originals.


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    Quenton can whip that into proper shape so well you'd think he shipped you a whole 'nother engine back, not the one you sent him to repair.
    He is the go-to guy for anything Whizzer related.
    You can either PM him here, do a search for him, or I bet you could get a hold of him through the EZM company.

    You have a modern "classic" piece of American history that was essentially reduced to an embarassment by the newest owners. They decided to have the manufacturing done overseas and there is alot left to be desired by the resulting quality control.
    None the less, it can be made very reliable and more powerful at the same time with a little patience and a reasonable investment.