Thinking of designing an electric key start for the HS 4 strokes.

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    I'm thinking about toying with the Idea of converting an HS 142 pull start into an electric key start ignition system. It would look like a 4G T belt transmission but attached somehow to the flywheel and the drive sprocket would attach to an electric starter motor from a motorcycle. Also I'm thinking about wiring it all up to the 12 volt battery I'm getting for my street legal lights. Has anyone ever done anything like that on an HS 142?

    I'll come up with a few plans and post picks of the designs when I'm done with them.
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    This is the first design of the starter idea for the HS 142 engines. The part in the large circle would attach to the flywheel and the cylindrical shaped part attached to that shaft sticking out on the other end would be the starter motor.

    MB starter.jpg

    Sorry for the image quality but I had to use my phone to take a screen shot because Google SketchUp doesn't seem to have a screenshot option.