This bike and kit?

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    Hey guys,
    I'm currently looking at this bike:

    and this kit came recommended by a motorized bicycle builder in AZ:

    I've been wrenching for years, and saw a motorized bicycle long ago and always thought "hey they would be a cool thing I can hurt myself with" lol
    Just kiddin'... Always wanted to build one so, now that I'm retired, 55 and too much time on my hands. Here goes..

    I was recommended to go with this kit by a vet on this forum, any thoughts? As far as the bike, any feedback would be greatly appreciated. My thinking as far as to which bike to go with was something with at least a front suspension, to lessen shock. This bike does have a grip shifter, so any input on how to get around that would be helpful too. Thanks

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    err, i would recommend getting a hub adaptor instead of using the ragjoint sprocket. the rag joint will eventually cause damage to your axle and bearings. mine is beginning to show signs of wear. For the shifter, I just kept it on the same side and put the throttle next to it. The throttle extends beyond the bar but it is not noticable at all. so, its not a biggie.

    the other thing i was thinking about and mebe something to consider is to put the throttle on the left side. lets say you get a jackshaft and tap into the gears on the bike. i think it would be easier to shift on the right and throttle on the left (smooth shifting without dropping rpms) than shift on the right and throttle as well (cant see this happening without dropping rpms and letting go of the throttle).
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    Don't know what you mean by putting the throttle on the same side next to the shifter? Was it a grip shifter or thumb type? Can't picture it. Do you have a pic?
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    grip shifter. i suppose that is the most common; its about an inch across with typically 7 gears on the right. so if you put the throttle on the left. you can shift while maintaining a throttle.


    letting go of the throttle, twisting the shifting, and throttling to actually shift the gears if the throttle was on the right with the grip shifter.

    this is of course a future consideration in case you do go and get a jackshaft ($125 at sickbikeparts).

    the only issue with this is that the front brake is usually on the left, which means either you switch it to the right or u learn to use the primary brake and throttle on same hand.
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    Not sure what size the bike is as I am having trouble understanding as they have 24 speed and 21" frame. If this is your first build I recommend a 26" frame or bigger and even then it can be tight. These engines do not get anywhere near 150MPG maybe 70 MPG.