This could be fun, has mass potential.

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    Only $2000 too. Bargain! :p

    Can you see the third bike along in the items below, right in the middle? I want THAT. OMG. OMG. Unbelievable price too.. The TMX also listed is nice.. the Race Link even nicer, but that Mini Link is to DIE for. :wub:

    Sorry.. WAY off topic. :eek:o2ps:
    Yes, the recumbent with full aero fairing is sweet and would be very fast, if you have the skills to ride that kind of bike. I hear it's not too hard once you're used to it. Would you motorise that?
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    I wouldn't, not without registering it at least. People get pulled over for velos all the time because cops think they're weird cars. Motorizing it is just asking for trouble.
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    Could be fun on a private runway though, perhaps. Scary thought really.. I wouldn't cuz I'd be scared. I'll let GG have the fun. :p
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    If I had a spare $900 (his opening bid, free shipping!) it'd be mine, and HELL YES I'd motorize it.That bike with the fairing in place, and a decent rider/human-engine would smoke near anyone of our MAB's.Cop's pull up from behind, it's too narrow to be a car, and since it will need more windows (IMO) you could put side vis-windows and they could see you pedaling.The only problems I see are venting, and some form of balance skids for hard side gusts.It's meant for a indoor track or enclosed velodrome, but I'd love to see someone give it an MAB try.
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    Nah too *** for me, not that there's anything wrong with that ok.
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    you and i would be in a bidding war then! the price is right but too bad my funds are a bit low.
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    Rimshot please.When you are worried about the way something looks, what you're really worried about is what people will think of you.When you work in that capacity, you shut off neural synapses, essentially keeping your mind as a badly played game of Tetris. To each their own.
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    I think it would be really cool on a private airfield runway, race circuit, or salt flats. Having it legal on the road would be cool if you have quiet safe roads you could ride on.
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    What's bizarre here, is the reaction, as if it wouldn't work without the fairing.How "in the box" the reactive thinking is, but it is kinda the reception recumbents usually get.What the dude has for $900 shipped is:
    1)A custom built LWB recumbent bike built for speed
    2)An add on fiberglassed FULL-FAIRING
    You don't have to use the fairing.LWB recumbents are absolutely GREAT for open road and traffic, very maneuverable/safe.

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    I'm sure it would work as a bicycle or motor-assisted bicycle without the fairing.. but I thought that fairing fitted to the bike was the whole attraction of it??
    Not using the fairing would be like buying the Mini Link and converting it to a hardtail, with conventional chainline, and gears, and then welding something to the frame. :p