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    :likelots:Thank you for your help Fabian. I put in a 78 jet, which is the biggest I have and it made a huge difference!!!! I think I'm finally getting there, got a bit more to do. Just 14 miles on the odometer, today was my longest ride, 3 miles. I even made up the driveway, with pedal assist, but the engine was still running, driveways is about 300 feet long and 12% grade. But, still concerned about some vibration, during the ride I was tuning, so I'm not sure, though when I got home I noticed one of the rubber pads in the front motor mount, was about ready to fall out.

    I haven't changed the timing, as Jaguar suggested, because of the way I mounted the CDI unit, not too smart, I kind glued it down with double-sided tape extra strong, under the seat on top of the carrier rack, didn't have room to put it on the frame as normal. This old bike this got a lot of abnormalities with the frame and a lot of things haven't fit the way they should.

    So maybe I should just let things go for a bit, to let the motor break-in, any thoughts about how many miles that might be?

    This is a pretty tough area, because it a lot of steep hills, so it's really hard, but I'm very thankful for everyone's help. Sincerely, John:bowdown::likelots::worship: