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    Had my Motorized Bike for bout a month. I live in Phoenix AZ. and my job is on the backside of Tolleson AZ. bout a hour ride from my home. Do enjoy the ride, but I'd like to install a shift kit on my bike. If anyone knows a motorized bike shop that will install it for me, Please let me know. I live in Phoenix, AZ.
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    The shift kit is the best thing since sliced bread - you will never go back to a single speed system.
  4. MidniteRider001

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    Am debating now on this Shift Kit...Heard the derailer and chain won't hold up for long to being worked by a motor.
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    Maybe you will change your mind about a chain and derailleur not holding up to the rigors of motorized operation:

    Do a Google search for "Multi Combination Bicycle Trailer Setup"


    scroll to the bottom photos
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    Who exactly gave you such bad advise and what alternative option did they suggest?