this is my winter fun

Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by proctor-nashua, Jun 9, 2011.

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  3. well when the wife start her *****ing yes its in my basement she don't ***** now so i fix the problem and the motor had no problem :jester:
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    what? did you pipe the exhaust up to her bedroom?? :ack2:


  5. i wish i put it out the basement widow about 10 feet and dave yes you have the http link i try to fix but i can't
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    That's a nice bench-test you have there. Do you start it with a drill?
  7. yes i drill start it
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    proctor, I haven't drill started a HT yet. Id like to unhook my chain and bench start my HT for the first time. Would it be possible to give me a "heads up" on bench starting with a drill. Thanks.
  9. hi graucno i use a 3/8 drill and you need to have two nuts on the shift it helps not to stirp the threads and i use loctitte red when the motor go's to start pull the drill off so the socket comes off or the nuts come off but if china threads strip off sometimes they do what i do is tap them with 5/16x18 die and i never have a problem with drill starting agien on the bikes i keep you can see black rubber plug on the cover so if i have a starting problem i pull the black rubber plug and drill start it
    and it's not good to use everday
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    Be careful - CO settles to the lowest point, and it sneaks up on you...
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    Thanks proctor-nashua i'll give it a try soon.

    Thanks for watch'in out for a fellow MB'er loquin. Best advise in the world! :bowdown: